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VIA Tablet PC Reference Design

The Digital Notepad

The VIA Tablet PC reference design is a compact, high performance mobile computer that bridges the gap between PC and notepad. Using an innovative 'digital ink' system and enhanced handwriting recognition, the VIA Tablet PC reference design combines the simplicity of writing with the power of a computer.

For the mobile executive or the connected household, the VIA Tablet PC reference design provides all the power to run common productivity applications anywhere and all the graphics performance to maximize the Internet experience. Moreover, with the wide and increasing adoption of WLAN connection technology, Internet browsing and e-mail are becoming more accessible.

Weighing less than today's laptops yet fully configured for PC operations and Internet applications, the VIA Tablet PC reference design gives you the freedom to complete a business presentation on the plane, to do your schoolwork on the bus, or view your latest electronic photographs anywhere in the home, and check e-mail with ease. The VIA Tablet PC reference design makes mobile computing and entertainment a reality!

The VIA Tablet PC reference design incorporates many of the VIA building block technologies that characterize the compact yet highly integrated specification of our platform solutions:

VIA Apollo 2002 mainboard
The VIA Apollo 2002 mainboard was designed by VIA for the very smallest form factor applications; not only is it more than 40% smaller than other mainboards on the market it is also double-sided, with mainboard elements intelligently arranged both above and below the surface to maximize space saving. This ultra compact yet highly integrated mainboard is feature-rich, providing graphics and audio support, advanced Ethernet networking, rich I/O integration and even a GPS tracking system, making it a flexible and cost-effective platform choice for system builders.


VIA C3 E-Series processor (EBGA)
At the heart of the VIA Tablet PC reference design is the acclaimed VIA C3 EBGA processor with its ultra low power consumption and superior heat dissipation, enabling longer battery life and cool, quiet performance. This enables the design of smaller, quieter and more environmentally friendly PC you need for everyday applications.

VIA ProSavage PN266T chipset
The VIA ProSavage PN2666 (known as 'Twister DDR') is an integrated mobile chipset with proven S3 Savage4 2D/3D graphics capabilities built in and optimized for performance in low power applications, making it ideally suited for portable Internet Appliance devices.

Features and Benefits

The simplicity of writing
The Tablet PC reference design has an intuitive pen-driven interface utilizing the 'digital ink' concept, enabled by the portrait 10.4" electro-magnetic digitizer screen and the enhanced handwriting recognition software built into the dedicated version of Microsoft Windows XP installed.

Portability, convenience
Free from cables and keyboard, the VIA Tablet PC reference design provides a compact, easily portable device which is both stylish and ultimately practical. Moreover, the cool running of the VIA C3 EBGA processor with its low power profile extends battery life and ensures a comfortable operating temperature.

The power to connect
The latest Wi-Fi (802.11b) wireless LAN connectivity is built into the VIA Tablet PC reference design, enabling Internet connections in more locations around the world, such as hotels and airports as well as almost anywhere in a connected household.

Comprehensive communications technology
The VIA Tablet PC reference design offers the communications capabilities of both the latest IEEE 1394 and USB standards built in to the mainboard, providing a wider choice of peripheral devices.


VIA C3? EBGA or VIA Eden ESP Processor

  • 128K L1 and 64K L2 cache
Core Logic VIA Apollo Pro 266T: North Bridge VT8653, South Bridge VT8233A or VT8235
Main Memory
  • Onboard 128MB
  • One 200-pin PC2100 memory socket
  • DDR266 SDRAM support
LCD 10.4" TFT Electro-magnetic Digitizer, brightness adjustable
  • Integrated AGP2X with 2D/3D Graphics Acceleration
  • Motion Compensation for DVD playback
  • Hardware rotation for portrait mode display
Storage (ATA) ATA 33/66/100 2.5? HDD
Storage (Flash) CFC socket optional
Audio System

VIA VT1612A AC?97 Codec

  • Internal speaker and 2 internal microphones
  • 2 Audio Jacks: Earphone-Out and Microphone-In
  • Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro Compatible
  • Digital I/O compatible with consumer mode S/PDIF
Digital TV Out

VIA VT1621 Digital TV encoder

  • Integrated Macro Vision 7.1
  • High quality scaling and filtering
  • S-Video or Composite video output
  • Support NTSC/PAL TV
Ethernet (LAN)

VIA Tahoe VT6103 (Ethernet PHY)

  • RJ-45 jack
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC integrated in South Bridge
  • PCMCIA socket for wireless communication
  • Smart card support
Infra red ports
  • SIR and FIR IrDA port
  • CIR for wireless keyboard
Other I/O Ports

VIA Fire II VT6306 IEEE 1394 host controller

  • One IEEE 1394 port
  • Two USB ports
  • CRT Out (Mini-type)
Replicator I/O ports

VIA VT1211 LPC Super I/O controller

  • 2 USB ports
  • EPP/ECP parallel port
  • 16C550 compatible serial port
  • 2 PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse ports
  • S/PDIF Out
  • CRT Out
  • TV Out (composite & S-video)
  • Audio jacks: line-in, line-out, mic-in
  • DC In
  • Power status
  • Battery status
Other Optional Modules
  • I/O Replicator
  • Tablet PC stand

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