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As Tablet PC popularity continues to increase at an almost unprecedented pace, the amount of places to find support for them increases as well.

Check the following resources available to help you find the support you need specific to Tablet PCs, including full instructions on how to set up newsgroups.

If you still have a question about Tablet PCs after checking the following sources, please email us.

The Tablet PC is very excited to announce the launch of our forums!  This is something that we've been considering for some time and it's been gratifying to see it created.

We're creating an entirely new site over the next few months.  The forums are just the beginning. 

Please visit and let us know what you think!  Our goal is to create a place where both new users and experts can share thoughts and opinions on Tablet PCs, UMPCs and other Mobile PCs.

We'd love to have you join us and help shape the future of the community.

For anytime support on any XP issue, including Tablet PCs, visit Microsoft's Expert Zone.  We'll see you there.

Help Files

Your first source of support for the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition should be the Help files.  These Help files are much improved over those included in previous versions of Windows 9x.  To get to the Help files, tap Start / Help and Support. You'll see help from the most likely files themselves, optional full text searches as well the the Microsoft Knowledge Base.  If you still don't see the answer, you can forward your question on to the Microsoft online support team.

Other Resources

For additional information on helpful applications, click or tap here for our Tools page with free search engines, virus-checkers, etc.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition How-to Articles

Find out how to get the most out of your Tablet PC experience. These how-to articles are grouped by topic.

Work with the Tablet Pen and Ink, including Pen Input Settings, Gestures, Customizing and Mark Up

Maximize Tablet PC on the Go by Maximizing your Battery Power, Using Standby and Hibernate, Using Power Schemes

All this and more can be found at

Be sure to check out your Tablet PC manufacturer's website.  Many have excellent resources available as well as support, FAQs and Knowledge Bases.

After visiting the following, please click the back button to return to this site.

Other Tablet PC Sites

There are several other worthwhile Tablet PC sites. This is only a partial list. You can find more by returning to our Home page and typing in "tablet pc" in the Google search window.

Mobile PC World Forums

MSDN Tablet PC Product Info


TabletPC News     TabletPC Questions

TabletPCs      TabletPC Talk    Tablet PC Wiki


Specialty Sites

Law - TabletPC For Lawyers      Medical - Medical TabletPC

One Note - OneNoteFAQ

Newsgroups and Message Boards

A favorite way to get expert help is by posting to one of the many technical support newsgroups on the Microsoft servers.  To receive more support and information on many technologies, including the Tablet PC and related products and software, please visit the Microsoft public newsgroups at news://

The best way to access these newsgroups is by using a newsreader such as Outlook Express, Agent, Gravity or XNews, to name a few.  Since Outlook Express is available on most computers, it's a good way to start.  For help on configuring Outlook Express to get all the newsgroups you might want to read or follow, the following will help.

Post your question to other Tablet PC users who understand this new technology.

Newsgroups are a wonderful way to get help using peer-to-peer support.  You'll find many MVPs available to help fix problems and direct you to more support.

How to Configure Outlook Express as the news reader.

Full directions for accessing the Microsoft news servers using Outlook Express are as follows. If you prefer, you can access them from here, but it's generally recommended that they be set up on your own computer using either Outlook Express or another news reader.  Bookmark this page to return easily:



If you prefer to use your browser to access the web-based message boards, or don't have access to a newsreader client such as Outlook Express or Agent, use this link - Web-based groups

To set up newsgroups on your computer -

Open Outlook Express / Tools/ Accounts / Add / News and follow the wizard.  The server name is - no password or logon required.  Once finished, when you hit the Close button on the Internet Accounts window, you'll be asked if you want to download newsgroups.  Say yes, then once downloaded, you can type in tabletpc (or any other subject you like) in the top window and subscribe to the groups you want to follow. 

To see answers to posts, you can either click on the plus sign (+) next to the original post, or to avoid having to do this all the time, you can set OE to automatically expand messages.  Open OE / Tools / Options and on the Read tab, click "Automatically expand grouped messages."

     Tip  -  Since you don't see the full name of the newsgroups when you download, hover your cursor over the line between Newsgroups and Description on the title line.  Once it changes to a double arrow, left click and hold and drag the line to the right until you can see more of the newsgroups.

You may also want to make sure your news message store isn't too big.  You can go to Tools / Options / Maintenance / Clean Up Now button and Compact them occasionally to use less room.

If you ever want to try to re-download the messages, right click the newsgroup / properties / Local File Tab and click Reset.  Once you've seen what you want, in OE, click Edit / CatchUp and then repeat the above to compact them.

Many ISPs provide other news server access as well.  These servers generally either originate or propagate newsgroups from specific sources.  Check with your ISP to get the correct settings.

More Newsgroup Help

Another way to access the newsgroups is through the following site,, click on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Newsgroup, or just click here to go directly to the web-based newsgroup.  This is a way to stay in touch when you don't have access to nntp.

Since you're already at the Expert Zone, check out the other articles and tips and tricks.  The Expert Zone is a great source of support for Windows XP and related products.  The Expert Zone is an excellent start to finding articles, how-to's, tips and tricks from other users as well as links to other Microsoft sites.

Before posting, take a minute to read

This will help you get the most out of your posts and make it easier for others to help with your questions. is yet another excellent resource for posts from many other news servers.

Now, get help with live Chat Rooms!

Microsoft's Expert Zone offers online peer-to-peer help in its chat room, available 24/7. 

If you want a quick answer, or just want to talk about Tablet PCs, please visit one of our new chat rooms. Currently, there are two chat rooms, one for general Tablet PC discussion and one that's geared more to those who might be interested in the developing side of things.

To visit our room for general discussion, please use

The developer's chat room can be reached by using

It may take a few minutes to install.  You must have java installed for it to be successful.

Note:  When signing in, if you're asked for a password, it means that someone has already registered the name you're trying to use.  Select another name.  You'll be able to register your unique name once you're in the chat room.

These rooms were set up to have a comfortable way of discussing Tablet PCs and related hardware and software without spammers, porn whispers, etc.

We hope you enjoy them.


Windows Help

Although the Tablet PCs are newer technologies, the operating system it uses is a superset of Windows XP Professional.  If you have any problems with the underlying operating system, the following MVP sites are full of tips, tricks and information about Windows XP. has a list of many support sites for Windows and related programs such as Internet Explorer and Outlook Express - Jim Eshelman's site is full of information about Windows (all versions) - noted for the exceptional shutdown section.  It's also an excellent site for information about spyware, how to upgrade to XP, activation, etc. - Doug Knox has listed his tips, tricks and the way to do things that just shouldn't be able to be done - Tom Koch's site is jam-packed with information you need to keep Outlook Express working as it was meant to work. - Kelly Theriot has a host of registry fixes, and a list of everything you need to know from A-Z - Sandi Hardmeier's incomparable site for Internet Explorer and Outlook Express - Check out many other MVP sites for help in almost any program or application 

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