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Windows Journal

Windows Journal allows handwriting to be used with the Tablet PC.  With superb handwriting recognition, it's a tool that allows the Tablet PC to be used virtually anywhere.  Handwriting can be saved as written or converted to text for use in other applications.

If handwriting is to be converted to text, the correction tool lists alternative words for any word it may question.  The user can then correct his text immediately.   All functions normally used when using pencil or pen can be duplicated using Windows Journal, from highlighting text to erasing mistakes.

The search function quickly finds specific text whether searching a specific note, a folder, or across all notes.

Notes can be shared with others by exporting to Internet Explorer, or, if they don't have IE5 or higher, they can be saved as a TIFF graphic.  Notes can also be sent via e-mail.

Specific functions normally done using a keyboard or mouse, such as click, double click, right click, backspace etc. can also be done with the pen, using commands known as 'gestures.'

Handwriting can be used in conjunction with speech as well which  gives an even greater versatility to the Tablet PC.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 including Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
Microsoft Corp. has announced availability of the Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system, the successor to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition introduced in November 2002. 
Included as part of Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Windows XP SP2) with Advanced Security Technologies, this free upgrade offers Tablet PC users deeper pen-and-ink support including a redesigned input panel to create and enter text anywhere within Windows XP and familiar Windows XP-compatible applications.  To read the entire announcement, including features, check here.
Enabling Automatic Updates will insure that you get SP2 as soon as possible.  SP2, including Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 will also be available by CD at no cost. To be sure you're ready for SP2, check here.
If you'd like to find out more about what SP2 includes, check here

To order a copy of Windows XP Service Pack2 on CD, click here - there is no charge for this CD.

The good news is that this isn't just for US/Canada, although there is a schedule for the ordering process for other languages listed on the Microsoft page.

Please choose your country/region and language from the appropriate drop-down menu below. In order to successfully install Windows XP SP2, you must order the CD in the same language as the version of Windows XP that is currently running on your computer.

If you're an IT and need to install on multiple computers on a network, please see here

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Tablet PC Recognizer Pack -

The Windows Tablet PC Recognizer Pack is now available to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition individual users. The Recognizer Pack provides nine handwriting-recognition engine languages and four speech-recognition languages. Installing the Recognizer Pack on a Tablet PC gives a user the ability to convert handwriting and speech in multiple languages from digital ink and speech to typed text on a single PC. For instance, if both German and French recognizers are installed on a Tablet PC, digital ink written in both German and French can be converted into typed text with greater accuracy.

Besides providing additional recognizers to Tablet PC customers, the Recognizer Pack updates the Tablet Input Panel, allowing users to select any Windows input language keyboard. This gives users access to the correct soft keyboard for the input language selected.

These language recognizers are included in the Tablet PC Recognizer Pack:

  • Handwriting recognizers: UK English, U.S. English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
  • Speech recognizers: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

You can order the CD or download the Tablet PC Recognizer Pack.

Microsoft Power Toys for Tablet PCs - PowerToys are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released to manufacturing. They'll add fun and functionality to your Tablet PC experience. These include Art Tool, Calculator, Dictionary Tool, Drawing Animator Toy, Extended Desktop, Hoop Strategy Game, Hold Tool, Maze Game, Music Composition Tool, New York Times Crossword Puzzle, Pool, Puzzle Game, Snipping Tool, Thumbnail View, Tic Tac Toe, Writing Recognition Game. 

In addition, the Microsoft "Does Your Code Think in Ink" contest winners, MyOwnFont, PowerPaint and WebSearch Power Toy for the Tablet PC can be downloaded here.

Speech Recognition

The Tablet PC supports speech recognition as well as handwriting.  Voice can be used to control the mouse, the pen or the keyboard.  It can be used in conjunction with handwriting or other input methods as well.  Voice can be used to correct errors, run commands on Windows XP-compatible programs or format text that's already been entered.

Sticky Notes

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition includes Sticky Notes, an accessory you use just like paper sticky notes—to jot down names, telephone numbers, lists, and other information you need to write quickly and keep easily available. You can also use a microphone to record information to a Sticky Note.

For convenience and quick access, Sticky Notes are kept in a single stack you can "stick" to your desktop, so its always easy to see and use. You can copy and paste individual Sticky Notes into other programs, or import and export your entire stack of Sticky Notes.


Windows XP Tablet PC Edition includes InkBall, a game to challenge and develop your skill using the tablet pen. The object of InkBall is to earn points by drawing ink strokes that guide colored balls into holes of the same color.



Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of the Tablet PC Application Catalog with over 130 applications built for the Tablet PC. The Catalog provides a central, comprehensive source of information about applications for the Tablet PC and allows customers to search through applications by industry, function, software category, keyword, and geography. Please check

This page will be updated as new information is received

Most of the following Tablet PC software descriptions are either direct quotes from the developer's website or from a press release.  We have not altered them in any way.

These descriptions are listed as a quick comparison only.  Please visit the developers' sites for more complete information.  The links to these sites are included on our Links page or you can click on the product name to go to the related site.

Development of software for Tablet PCs is continuing at a very rapid pace.  The products listed below with the "Editor's favorite" rating have been used over a period of time and found to be something that enhances Tablet PC use here considerably.  As each Tablet PC owner  will use his Tablet PC in his own manner, this is the Editor's opinion only.

abletWordMgr -  (Editor's Favorite) AbletWordMgr currently ships with 30 different SPIDs which include over 1, 000,000 different and unique words. Support for languages such as Spanish, Italian, and several Scandinavian languages are available. Hundreds of words can be loaded in seconds, thus eliminating the manual method that takes over a minute per word.  In addition, abletWordMgr  can directly import MS Word dictionaries that are already being used by MS Word spell checking systems.

abletMedA&A - abletMedicalAbbreviations and Acronyms.  This is a Tablet PC Medical Reference Utility for searching and identifying Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms.  Use to easily identify medical or scientific acronyms and abbreviations in seconds! Useful for the med student or physician. Contains thousands of abbreviations and acromyms specifically aimed at the medical field. Much quicker than looking up terms in a book! Great utility for medical transcribers.

ablet GoPak - GoPak is a collection of Special Interest Dictionaries (SPIDs) put together just for students, high school and college.  Wordlists have been created for over 12 of the most common subjects.  These wordlists when added to the User Dictionary will greatly enhance the handwriting recognition accuracy when using Agilix's goBinder, a Tablet Personal Information Manager.

ablet NutriCalc - Use NutriCalc to determine your nutritional status. Just select a single food item or build your own personal menu for over 30,000 food items. The Calculator will determine your nutritional status based on the foods you eat. Create an inkable e-Diary with your pen. Categories include calories, fat, protein, carbohyrdrates and cholesterol.

Active Ink - Run Active Ink Software on your Tablet PC and you'll wonder why you ever needed a keyboard. Form Designer is for people who want to build electronic forms and use the Tablet PC as a pen input device.  Version 2.0 includes support for Microsoft’s Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system.

Adobe - Acrobat Acrobat, Adobe Reader and Adobe Photoshop


Agilix - (Editor's Favorite) GoBinder helps students organize classes and schedules, manage assignments, take and store notes, search for information, and share notes with their peers. GoBinder puts everything students need to succeed into a single system, providing comprehensive organization and personalization.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions - Allscripts offers a unique modular approach to clinical automation, allowing physicians to start with a single application and evolve over time to a complete mobile and modular electronic medical record, that we refer to as mEMR™. This approach enables practices to start with the tools that solve their most pressing needs first and rapidly implement applications that demonstrate a measurable return-on-investment.

AlphaTap - AlphaTap is a pen-based typing app for Tablet PCs that enables very fast, ergonomic text input using the stylus. It leverages the skills and natural motion of handwriting and allows typing speed comparable to two-handed touch-typing. Unlike other methods, AlphaTap just doesn't bog you down. AlphaTap's Lightning Shorthand feature uses a vocabulary of the most common
words and syllables in English, covering over 50% of typical English usage.
Get AlphaTap and get on with it

Ambient Design - ArtRage is a painting package designed to provide a realistic and fun simulation of using paint on a canvas, along with pens, pencils, crayons, and other tools.

Autodesk - The Way Design Should Feel—Presenting Autodesk® Architectural Studio software, the conceptual design solution for sketching, modeling, presenting, and collaborating. It re-creates the traditional design studio with tools and methods that feel just the way they should: tactile, simple, intuitive.

CONCEPT X7 - TabletPC Edition  - is the only solution covering the entire stage of concepting incl. idea management, pen notes, compare alternatives, drag & drop concepts, talking maps such as brainstorming, cause mapping, drag & drop meeting protocols. With this all in one package you get a grip on your concepts, meetings and presentations.  Trial version available.

Corel Corporation - Whether you're in a meeting or on the road, Corel® Grafigo2 lets you capture ideas, annotate documents and collaborate with others—all from your tablet PC. Designed specifically for Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition, this pen-based business graphics software truly enables graphics on the go. It offers innovative features such as Drawing Assistance, the Grab-It tool and Peer-to-Peer Collaboration that let you communicate ideas while you're on the move.  Click on the Grafigo2 icon for a free trial.

DYKnow - DyKnow is devoted to empowering educators with intuitive technology-based tools that enhance sound teaching strategies and engage students. Create your collaboratory, the two-way classroom, by using the DyKnow Teaching Tools such as DyKnow Vision and DyKnow Monitor.

ESRI - ESRI announced support for the Microsoft Tablet PC, the next-generation mobile PC. Working closely with Microsoft, ESRI is adding Tablet PC as a supported platform for its ArcGIS family of software. This will include ESRI's soon to be released ArcReader software and popular ArcInfo, ArcView, and ArcEditor software. This means that users will get the most powerful geographic information system (GIS) software that will run using Windows XP software on one of the most versatile and mobile PCs.

FranklinCovey - Created by Agilix Labs for FranklinCovey, the FranklinCovey Planner is the ultimate personal and professional effectiveness tool. It provides for the whole life integration of work and home. It creates the bridge between timeless principles and digital discovery. It is the ultimate solution to the personal and organizational challenge of keeping first things first.

Griffin Technologies - (Editor's Favorite) Keep your home or office computer safe from prying eyes with this latest version of the SecuriKey System from Griffin Technologies, LLC.  SecuriKey is a small USB token that, when inserted into your computer's USB port, acts like a key that allows you to access your computer. And just like your car, no key -- no go. Even if someone steals your laptop and guesses your password, they will not be able to get to your files without your SecuriKey token. Available in either Personal or Professional versions.

Another product from Griffin Technologies is the Parental Control Key.  This key allows parents and others to protect vital files from being changed or deleted accidentally.  It's fully configurable so that you can give specific access to another user, yet stop access to things you'd prefer to remain off-limits.

ImagineLan - (Editor's Favorite)  Looking for a truly portable solution that lets you "carry" your email so you can send, receive and manage it from any Internet-connected system?  Take PI Protector or Email-to-Go and your USB flash drive with you wherever you go.  Just plug into any Internet-connected desktop, notebook, or Tablet PC.  With a click of the mouse, you can send and receive mail.  No hassles and no proprietary applications to learn because Email-to-Go works with standard email programs like Microsoft® Outlook Express.  Email-to-Go solves the problem of having your email messages spread out over multiple PCs or left on the server, forcing you to perform redundant message downloads and deletions on your primary PC and PIP allows you to keep email, settings and favorites with you no matter where you're using a computer.

Knight Software - Survey System is an electronic data collection tool used to perform studies and surveys with Microsoft Windows 98 and newer. The advanced Tablet PC features have been integrated in such a way that the same surveys given to the mobile participant can be given on the desktop. In other words, all surveys can collect data with only a pen or without a pen.

Leszynski  - Snipping Tool, Tablet Pool and more. Leszynski Group has more development experience building customized solutions on the new Tablet PC computer than any other company. Leszynski provides corporate enterprises with distributed computing consulting services that include strategies, design, and development of software applications that empower new types of roving, collaborative, and disconnected workflows. 

Living Software - LivingSoftware has combined the convenience and power of RPN with the best features of the Windows operating system.


MaxiVista - Your laptop as a second monitor!  MaxiVista can turn your Tablet PC into an additional monitor of your primary PC! Simply connect both PCs via Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Firewire or USB network and run MaxiVista to double your viewing space instantly.

MaxiVista is based only on software - No need to buy expensive dualhead graphic card or additional monitors.

MessagEase - MessagEase offers a unique opportunity for entering text on Tablet PCs. MessagEase's keyboard takes one fourth of the area taken by a QWERTY keyboard, yet it provides all characters you can find on a regular computer keyboard, and even some you don't find there

Mi-Co - Mi-Co Forms puts handwriting to work in the enterprise.  Mi-Forms offers a host of options to provide you with the flexibility to implement mobile data capture applications on your Tablet PCs in the ways that best fit your organization’s needs.

The Mi-Forms System for Tablet PC maximizes the potential of the exciting Tablet PC platform by providing the most intuitive form-filling interface imaginable. Mi-Forms for Tablet PC succeeds in bringing the natural pen-on-paper interface to a digital device.

MindManager - (Editor's favorite) Discover a New Dimension in Mobility

MindManager offers business professionals a more effective way to capture, organize and communicate information, ideas and meeting notes.

MindManager 2002 for Tablet PC is an intuitive pen-application that maximizes mobile effectiveness by facilitating the quick capture and organization of information on the fly.

Optimal Desktop - (Editor's Favorite) Keep your desktop and settings with you no matter which computer you may be using. This is one of the most exciting new programs for Tablet PCs as well as desktops that I’ve seen.  Optimal Desktop, Mobile Edition works with flash drives, external hard drives and removable hard drives.  One of the most useful tools in Optimal Desktop is Tabbed Navigation - store an unlimited number of sites, and reach any of them with just 3 clicks!  Optimal Desktop includes a Secure Password Recorder, a Popup Blocker as well as an Integrated Zip Utility, Portal Sharing and the Mobile Desktop, which leaves no information on the hosting computer.  Navigate to hundreds of websites with just a touch of your pen.

PhatPad 3.0 - The question isn't what you can do with PhatPad and a Tablet PC.  It's easier to tell you what you can't do (and it isn't much!). You can draw, jot notes, make charts, convert handwriting to text, spellcheck, print, load backgrounds, autoscroll, etc. It's no wonder that PhatPad has won several awards.

Follow the link to see all the features you'll get when you add PhatPad to your Tablet PC.

PhraseExpress - No more typing or writing the same phrase over and over again! Great for Tablet PC without keyboards.  PhraseExpress stores such often used text phrases and inserts them into any application (e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet browser forms, etc.) in a snap.

In just a few mouse clicks you can select the desired phrase from a handy taskbar Icon pop-up window.

Additionally, PhraseExpress can run programs, open documents or even perform useful tasks like cleaning your browser from cookies, temporary files and history. It also works great in a network environment.  Best of all, it's FREE!

ritePen - ritePen™ is an advanced handwriting recognition and pen utility tool for the Tablet PC and other Windows-based tablets. ritePen is based on the riteScript™ next-generation handwriting recognition technology. With ritePen, users can write on the full screen using a pen with their Tablet PC or other screen tablet, graphics tablet, electronic pen, or even writing with a mouse. ritePen instantly converts English or German language handwriting into text and enters the text into any Windows application, such as Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad, Excel, Outlook, File Manager, Internet Explorer, etc.


  - PaperPort Deluxe 

Paper Forms are a problem. They take a long time to create and soon after you create them they're out of date. They're expensive to print and take up valuable storage space.

- Omniform

PaperPort Deluxe brings static paper documents into the digital environment enabling you to scan, store, organize, retrieve and use paper documents on your computer along with all of your existing PC documents.

SOFTPRO: Capture and Verify Handwritten Signatures on Tablet PCs - Successful e-business is based on the trust of business partners in the security of their data exchange. Self authentication is commonly required in log-in windows for network access, web applications, home banking and various individual programs. With SignSecure® log-ins are easy and convenient using your unique handwritten signature.  Use for Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Customer Cards, Discount Cards, Frequent Flyer Cards, etc. Network Access, Online Access, Message Box, Home Banking, Online Portal, etc.

Tablet Enhancements for Outlook v.3 -Tablet Enhancements for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook® 2003 and 2007 that turns the popular personal information manager into a fully pen-enabled application on your Tablet PC, UMPC, or Origami device. TEO 3.0 replaces Outlook's standard UI with fully ink-enabled forms and lets you write and keep your notes in your own handwriting. No synchronization required.

New features include:

  • Rich note taking support. Mix handwriting, text, pictures, flags, and shapes on multiple pages of notes attached to each item.
  • Audio recording and playback lets you record meetings, lectures, conference calls, and more.

Zinio Systems - (Editor's Favorite) Your Favorite Magazines - Now for the Tablet PC!

Zinio brings you magazines in a powerful new digital form. Same great content. Same great design. Delivered over the Internet. Straight to your desktop. And now, Zinio has been enhanced to take advantage of Microsoft's new Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system.

The Tablet PC offers all the convenience of mobile computing, plus a high-resolution, pen-reactive screen and digital-inking capabilities, all in a flat, lightweight format ideal for reading digital magazines.

You can find more Tablet PC software by visiting TheTabletPCPost

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