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Rosetta Tablet PC


Designed for mobile computers users who've been relying on the combination of a notebook pc, handheld, and spiral note book.

With the combination of the Rosetta Tablet and the Rosetta Tablet PC Docking stations, standard desktop users are no longer bound to the desk to be productive.

The Tablet PC is designed to operate anywhere without the restriction of a keyboard and mouse.

Rosetta Tablet PC has a type II PCMCIA Card Slot with Cardbus support for easy expansion. 

Connecting to a network is simplicity itself with Rosetta Tablet PC. Each unit has an on-board 56K modem, a 10/100 Ethernet LAN interface and 802.11b wireless LAN functionality. With wireless LAN, connecting to your office network is as easy as walking through the door. You can even give your Tablet PC Bluetooth? or GPRS functionality via USB port or PCMCIA card


Rosetta Tablet PC supports USB 1.1 and IEEE 1394 interfaces and even IrDA 1.1 (FIR 4Mbps). All the latest high speed peripherals including scanners, web cams, camcorders etc can be supported.


Mobile Office and Business POS:
Rosetta Tablet PC is so portable, you can use it anywhere; on the train, on the plane, in the factory or at your desk. Because it is designed to run standard PC applications, SlateVision will run all the same software as the PC on your desk and more. Now you can take the office with you wherever you go and take your business to your customers, the possibilities are endless. Take orders digitally, anywhere, update your stock records or shipping register in real time, conduct surveys or collect data in the field. The power of the SlateVision Tablet PC and the high quality display also make it an ideal tool for designers and CAD/CAM users who need mobility. Uploading and sharing data captured on Rosetta Tablet PC is easy, simply connect to a network with the built-in 56K modem, 10/100 Ethernet port or 802.11b Wireless LAN.


If you like to read or listen to music Rosetta Tablet PC offers exciting new ways to do both. The on-board audio facility (Realtek ALC200 AC'97 Codec) will play your favorite MP3s and the 10.4" TFT LCD XGA 1024x768 screen is an ideal way to view e-books. If you like to relax chatting with friends on the internet or browsing websites, Rosetta Tablet PC can do that too. Remember, a Tablet PC can run all the same software as your desktop PC and you can connect to the internet with the on-board 56K modem, 10/100 Ethernet port or even 802.11b wireless LAN.


Meetings and Presentations:
Exciting Ink technology is the ideal way to take notes in meetings. Just use the Tablet PC like a pen and paper, no need for keyboards and mice. Ink technology can also be used to make comments on Microsoft® Office documents or even create handwritten Outlook e-mail. The Tablet PC is also ideal for meeting presentations. Just connect a projector to the VGA interface and begin your PowerPoint presentation. Presentation slides can even be updated during the presentation itself using the EMD pen.

Ink technology is the convenient new way to take notes and update documents in the class room. There's no need to worry about disturbing your neighbor either; Our Tablet PCs are so quiet they can be used anywhere. All your notes and data can be stored on your Tablet PC so you won't need to carry all your books everywhere. The power of Rosetta Tablet PC and the high quality of the display make it an excellent choice for design students.
Mobile Design Tool:
The power of Rosetta Tablet PC and the quality of the display make it an excellent choice for designers and design students. Rosetta Tablet PC will run CAD software just like the PC on your desktop and you can take it with you when need to work away from the office.

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