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I've received a Toshiba M400 and it's been a joy to use!  After making the recovery CDs (it took 10 CDs as this unit didn't have a DVD-RW), I couldn't wait to get to know the Tablet a bit better.  It weighs more than the M200, but the balance is excellent so the weight isn't a big factor.

Since this Tablet is ready for Vista, I wanted to see how it could handle the latest build. This model has the 1024x768 resolution, but it's also available in 1400x1050. 

I'll have more details coming up along with the Vista release, but in the meantime, I wanted to get you some photos.  These are photos, not screenshots, as this review is about the M400 and not Vista.

The M400 showcases Vista beautifully!  One thing I can already recommend is that if you're ordering one soon, make sure you plan on getting at least 1 Gb of ram.  This unit came with 512Mb and the first thing I did was take it to 1G. 

Without Vista, it ran fine on 512Mb with Office 2003 installed.  I don't do a lot of graphics, though, so you might find it a bit sluggish if you do. Again, if you're going to run Vista, 1G is the minimum you'll want. 


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