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Panasonic Toughbook T5 - First Look

The Panasonic T5 is a clamshell running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.  The T5 has ink as well as touchscreen capabilities. I'll add the full specs to the Panasonic page when I get back from CTIA.

There are some differences that I'd like to note, primarily the screen rotation (90, 180 and 270 degrees) with a touch of a button.  That function, along with the comfortable strap on the back of the unit makes it very easy to hold the unit and write, type or do a combination of both without fear of dropping the tablet.

I loved the touchpad on this unit. With barely a touch, I could navigate.  Using a circular motion scrolls the page quickly. 

The Toughbook T5 is a business rugged machine.  As with most Tablets, it can sustain a one foot fall without major damage, however the hard drive on this model can sustain a 30" fall.  Although not as rugged as the CF18, the T5 is a Tablet made to sustain tougher than average business use.

The Panasonic T5 should be able to run Vista well.  I'm waiting for one of the review units and I'll test it and let you know the results as soon as I can.  In the meantime, here are some photos I took at CTIA to whet your appetite.

For more specifications, check our Comparison Chart for rugged Tablet PCs.

Panasonic Toughbook T5

Handstrap holds Tablet securely

Can be used vertically for sharing with others, pen input, etc.

Built-in G3



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