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Lenovo ThinkPad X41

Be sure to read our interview with the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC Product Manager Mike Hagerty here.

As most everyone who checks this site regularly knows, I've made no secret that I prefer a slate model Tablet PC.  I've used a slate almost from the introduction of Tablet PCs and like the weight and thinness of them.

Now that I've used the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 for several weeks, I'll admit that it's making me like convertibles a lot more than I've admitted before.

The X41 is almost as thin as most slates and the weight is also similar.  Balance is excellent, unless using the additional battery that fits on the rear.  In fact, that battery makes the unit a bit top-heavy when using it in notebook mode, especially if the screen isn't angled at less than vertical. That's one of the few negative things I have to say about the X41 Tablet.

I'd have liked to have seen array mics as I tend to use speech a lot with my Tablets.  You'll need a headset mic to make the X41 work well with speech.

Battery life is adequate with the small battery, but much improved using the 8-cell battery.  Although classed as giving about 6.3 hours, real life here was more like 5.5 or so, closer to the specified time if wireless is disabled.

The X41 has been a true pleasure to use.  The famous IBM ThinkPad keyboard has made the trip to Lenovo without losing any of its comfort.  The reputation for this keyboard is well-earned and certainly met my expectations.  The screen display is clear and easily read, even from the side. Although not outdoor viewable, the wide-angle allows good viewability with most indoor lighting arrangements.

The fingerprint sensor and software worked immediately - easily set up and recognized from that point on.  I haven't had the same luck with biometrics on some other Tablets.

My wireless network connection was found immediately.  Once I added the key, the ThinkPad connected to the network and the internet with no problem at all.

Those whom I've allowed to use the X41 have all been impressed.  The Lenovo ThinkPad X41 just feels like quality!  One user called it the "Lexus of Tablet PCs."

As a test, I loaded Windows Vista on the X41 to see how it worked.  Although drivers weren't inherent, adding them was simple.  Graphics aren't there yet to provide the glass feature that's such a well-hyped feature of Windows Vista, but that certainly isn't the main functionality.  Overall, Vista Beta 1 ran better than I would have expected for such an early build on a new piece of hardware.

In my opinion, anyone considering a Tablet PC purchase should check the Lenovo X41 Tablet PC.

Let me know what you think!

(Click on photos for a larger image)

Lenovo's ThinkPad X41

Thin and sleek design

Back of Unit without extended battery

Screen folds completely flat, even when in convertible mode

Right side connections

Left side connections

Extended battery fits on back without adding a lot of thickness

Carrying case

Back of carrying case with wrist strap

Dock adds a lot of usability

Additional Dock connections

X41 in dock

Dock from top

Complete with DVD drive

This Tablet came with everything

X41 accessories including portable DVD-RW, carrying case, dock, additional battery and all connectors and power supplies

Landscape mode in carrying case

Portrait mode in carrying case

Fujitsu T4010 Review        

The Fujitsu T4010 Tablet PC is the first I've reviewed with a built-in optical drive.

The model I tested used the Intel® Pentium® M Processor 745 with 1.80 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, and 400 MHz FSB and 512Mb ram. The Tablet did everything I asked it to do without hesitation. Another 512Mb of ram would make it respond even faster.

After taking the machine out of the box, the wizard ran through the setup for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. This allows the buyer to set up accounts as they'd like from the beginning.

The 12.1 inch screen was easy to read from almost any angle.

I would have liked to have tried the Indoor/Outdoor screen, but the model I received wasn't equipped with that option. Screen resolution is 1024x768, although it will support up to 1600x1200. Not very practical for most applications since you'll need to scroll to see the entire screen.

The T4010 came with Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office One Note 2003 and MS Reader, along with specific Fujitsu utilities. Each has an icon on the desktop so new users can explore easily.

The pen has a tether, which is a nice touch as anyone who's ever misplaced the pen can tell you. I've gotten so used to my Cross pen, though, that I admit I didn't use the included pen at all. Since the pen is a necessity with Tablet PCs, it's nice to know there's always a pen handy and you won't walk off without one.

Fujitsu recommends using a screen protector to keep the screen from scratching. They include a package of protectors with the unit.

Although I didn't use the built-in DVD-RW more than once, I can see where people who need access to CDs or DVDs on a regular basis would like it. It was nice just hitting a button rather than having to dig out the external drive and hook everything up. The drawback - the additional weight. Although a pound doesn't sound like a lot, it's very noticeable when lifting the Tablet with one hand, especially since I'm used to using a slate model. Actually, the Fujitsu T4010 feels about the same as my Toshiba M200.

Another feature that I liked is BayLock™. The optical drive is locked when the computer is being carried or used as a Tablet. This keeps the drive from being damaged and any media from being ejected accidentally. With BayLock™ in place, the bay door is locked and the drive is disabled. It can be changed by the user.

The built-in Intel pro wireless 2200 was effortless to set up. It immediately found both my 802.11b and the 802.11g networks and once the security key was entered, joined the network with no problem. Bluetooth is also standard. I often use Speech as an input method, so the dual array microphones were a big plus.

Battery life was better than I expected. With wireless turned on, I got a solid 4 hours with more time remaining.

One minor annoyance I found was that the screen automatically rotated to portrait when the screen was lowered to the keyboard. It isn't a problem since using the screen rotation button turned it back, but there are times that I want to use the Tablet in landscape mode for just a minute, then revert back to the keyboard.

Overall, this Tablet PC is impressive! If you want a good, all-around Tablet PC, then be sure to take a second look at the Fujitsu T4010. MSRP: $2249 US.

For more information on Fujitsu Tablet PCs, check the Fujitsu Web site.

For a comparison of specifications with other Tablet PCs, please check our Comparison Charts.

Click on photos to see a larger image
LifeBook T4010 Tablet PC

Intel® Pentium® M Processor 745
Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
12.1" XGA TFT with wide viewing-angle indoor display
512 MB DDR 333 SDRAM memory
60 GB 4200 rpm hard drive¹
Built-in multinational² 56K³ V.90 modem and 10/100/1000 Base-T/TX Ethernet
Built-in Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection (802.11b/g)
Bluetooth wireless PAN
Integrated Multi-Format DVD Writer
Standard 6-cell (4800 mAh) battery
Microsoft® Office OneNote® 20034
One-year International Limited Warranty


Front connections:
Stereo speakers
Headset Jack
Microphone Jack
SD/Memory Stick Slot
Latch Release Button

Rear connections:
DC Power Connection
Modem Port - RJ 11
USB 2.0 Ports
Infrared Port
LAN - RJ45 Port
Monitor Port

Right side connections:
Anti-theft Lock Slot
Flexible Bay
Eject Lever

Side connections:
Air Vents
WLAN On/Off Switch
USB 2.0 Port
IEEE 1394 Port
PC Card Slot
Smart Card Slot
PCC & Eject/Lock Button


Tablet PC buttons:
Power Button
Alt/Ent (Task Manager)
Tablet/Pen Settings
Screen Orientation
A & B Buttons -
Page Up and Page Down
One of Two Microphones (Array Mics)
These buttons also can be used with the Function key for additional options:
VGA out
Fujitsu Tablet Utility Menu
User Configurable

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