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The Tablet PCís First look at the new HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Ė the tx2000

Iíve had the opportunity to use HPís newest offering, the tx2000 Pavilion Entertainment PC.  Now, before you start thinking that itís the tx1000 with some new features, let me say that although the chassis may look familiar, after that, itís all new, and itís a real Tablet.

First, the tx2000 has an active digitizer.  Those who had a less-than-desirable experience with the tx1000ís handwriting, take heart!  It was no secret that I was less than happy with the inking on the tx1000.  The inking on this Tablet is among the best Iíve experienced, with a light touch all thatís needed.  To be fair, HP never marketed the tx1000 as a Tablet, but as an entertainment notebook and it did a good job at what it was made for.

The specs on the tx2000 are much improved, and for the 64-bit enthusiasts out there, the one I used runs Windows Vista 64-bit Windows Ultimate out of the box.  Running the AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-66 2.30Ghz processor, this tx2000 sports 4GB of ram.  As in most Tablets, the weak spot is graphics, with a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150.  The graphics drop the Windows Experience Index to 3.0.  This is one of the main reasons I dislike the way the rating system works.  Take the graphics out of the equation and youíll see a beefy subscore of

  • 4.9 Calculations per second

  • 5.7 Memory operations per second

  • Disk data transfer rate

Other features include

  • Built-in Web Cam

  • 3 USB ports

  • Expansion port for the xb3000 desktop docking station or the "QuickDock" port replicator

  • VGA connection

  • S Video

  • Modem

  • Kensington Lock

  • Remote control

  • SD Card reader

  • Dual headset connections

  • Microphone

  • Wireless switch

Without question, the machine is fast.  There are things I really like about the new features.  HP took feedback from Tablet users and came up with a machine that should give almost every user something to smile about.  Here are some of my favorite features Ė

The touchpad is the same as the tx1000.  I love the scroll feature and the fact that I can automatically find it without having to stop what Iím doing to look.  I found I missed this on the 2710.  Iím glad to see it back.

A longer power cord.  This may seem trivial, but anyone who travels knows that often the wall connection just isnít quite close enough to the desk. The extra foot or so makes a big difference.

A hard drive thatís big enough to carry along your videos and music.  You can get up to a 320Gb hard drive.

Speed.  Yep, itís fast, even with several of the added on programs that come with it running at start up.  Canít wait to see how it goes when these are set to run only when needed.

As with the tx1000, the tx2000 includes a built-in DVD-RW with Light Scribe.

Great battery life, and the extended battery makes a perfect hand-hold for a secure grip when in portrait mode.  When in secondary landscape position, it also tilts the front of the Tablet to be a perfect angle for writing or sketching.  Of course, as with any other computer, a larger battery means a heavier Tablet.

Superior sound.  After all, this is an entertainment PC, and putting the typical small, tinny-sounding speakers wouldnít work.  The Altec Lansing stereo speakers add a nice dimension to the overall quality of the tx2000.  These speakers always face forward, no matter what position the computer is in Ė notebook or Tablet Ė and have sound quality thatís as good as the new digitizer.

There are also things that could be improved.  I have issues with touch screens Ė all touch screens.  Itís not the Tabletís fault, thereís something about my touch that just doesnít work right.  This computer minimizes some of my problems, but some still remain.  For example, the onscreen mouse doesnít follow my finger as it should, dropping off and having my navigation turn into selection mode.  The heel of my hand leaves lines as I use the pen for handwriting, especially in portrait mode.  These are things that most people donít have any problem with, but Iím mentioning it for any of you who may have the same issues.  Iíve learned to live with it, but itís a lot easier with the tx2000.  It works better for me than others have, just not perfectly.

The pen doesnít seem to fit right in the holder.  Itís a bit loose and could easily come out.  Adding the tether helps, but because the pen doesnít fit tightly, just moving the tether can pull the pen out.  The length of the tether is a plus and a minus.  Itís plenty long enough to comfortably write anywhere on the screen in any position, but its length also lets it catch on other things. If you donít lose pens, you wonít need the tether.

Fan position.  With the machine having so much hardware in a small package, almost any place that the fan goes will interfere with the way people hold it.  The default landscape position will put the heat output from the fan right into the arm of those who hold it in their left hand.  Of course, moving it, would just create the issue somewhere else, so I donít consider this a problem that can be fixed by HP or anyone else at this point, just something that you should be aware of.

Overall, this is a solid portable entertainment machine that will easily meet a Tablet userís needs.  Most importantly, the tx2000 offers a great price point.  Starting at just $1299, this is a Tablet PC that won't destroy your budget.

With the quality of the hardware, the speed, Windows Vista handwriting recognition, Media Center and the price for what you get, this is a notebook computer that should meet the needs of a wide-range of buyers.  Although a consumer machine, thereís no reason why this wonít also be a great notebook computer for business users as well.

Congratulations HP and thank you for listening to all of us! 

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