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The RM tablet PC is the latest technological innovation that offers an alternative to the standard PC - taking a leap into the future to remove even the need for a keyboard and mouse.
From only £799, you can have access to the latest cutting edge technology at an affordable price.

A more powerful and versatile mobile experience.  The Tablet PC does everything that your PC or notebook does, except it doesn't require all the usual input devices, making it instantly more flexible and more natural to use. Its portability surpasses even the standard notebook design, forming a powerful mobile solution.

The beauty of the Tablet PC is in its simplicity: you can write directly onto the screen and save your handwriting (or quickly convert it to text with advanced handwriting recognition), part of the special Microsoft® Windows® XP version that comes as standard on the Tablet PC.

With integrated wireless, up to seven-hour battery life and weighing only 1.4kg, RM's tablet PCs are set to become a major contender in both mobile and whole-class teaching solutions. In addition to using it as a normal workstation or notebook with all the usual Microsoft Windows XP software, the Tablet PC provides significant new ways to integrate ICT into more widely:
  • Mark work by annotating directly over common file formats.
  • Collect homework, naturally hand mark it, and return it to their network folder with your comments attached. (when used with our RM Community Connect 3 network).
  • Include hand drawn sketches, diagrams and drawings quickly and easily to any assignment.
  • Gather data and take detailed notes during field trips, writing and drawing your notes in a format you can use later on.
  • Present a lesson to the whole-class, while facing them, using Easiteach Studio.
  • Prepare lessons from the comfort of your home, on the train and in the staffroom.
  • Read and annotate electronic texts during study or discussions.
  • Notes are stored in Microsoft's new ink format, and can be searched later as if they were text.

The Tablet PC opens up a world of opportunities for education.

RM Teacher Tablet PC
A beefed up processor, a fast FireWire port for connecting Digital Video Cameras or DVD drives, and PCMCIA and Compact Flash for increased flexibility, tailor the Tablet PC to the more demanding needs of the Teacher.
BIOS level fingerprint ID protects your files from prying students and a VGA converter cable for easy connection to projectors for whole class teaching are also included as standard for the Teacher model.
RM Student Tablet PC
The ideal tablet PC for students in UK education. For only £799 the Student Tablet PC packs a mobile Celeron processor, 20GB hard drive and 256MB memory to give easily enough power and storage for everyday classroom use.
The integrated 802.11b wireless card, separate 10/100 Ethernet and 56kbps modem allow your students to connect to the network and internet wherever they are.
Product Features
Key product features include:
  • 10.4" XGA digitising 1024x768 TFT screen
  • Digitiser stylus pen
  • 4 cell Lithion Ion Battery: 3.5 hours (JEITA test), typical life 2.5 to 3 hours
  • 1.4 kg weight
  • 733MHz Intel Mobile Celeron Processor [Student] or 866MHz Intel Pentium III SpeedStep Processor [Teacher]
  • 256MB 133MHz SDRAM memory
  • 20GB hard disk drive
  • MS Windows XP Pro Tablet Edition
  • Integrated 802.11b wireless ethernet
  • Integrated 56k modem
  • Integrated 10/100 ethernet
  • Integral speakers and microphone
  • 2xUSB
  • VGA out (15 pin mini-VGA) [Teacher model includes converter to standard size]
  • Headphone & microphone sockets
  • PCMCIA Type II port [Teacher only]
  • Compact Flash port [Teacher only]
  • Firewire IEEE1394 interface [Teacher only]
  • Fingerprint ID [Teacher only]

Optional extras highlights

  • A six hour battery option will provide a whole day's mobile use from just one charge
  • USB peripherals provide CD / CDRW / DVD / floppy media input
  • Attractive Slip Cover, Carry Case and Handgrip personalise and protect your tablet

Essential peripherals
To complete Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet Edition Registration the first (and only the first)
time you turn on your tablet you will need a USB keyboard. Please ensure you either purchase one USB keyboard with your order or that you already have own one.

In the unlikely event of a hard drive failure, to restore your system to its original configuration, please ensure you own bootable versions of each of the following devices:

  • You will need a USB Floppy Drive to boot to access the RM Restore recovery partition on our harddisk
  • You will need a USB CD Drive to run the Recovery CDROM supplied with each RM Tablet PC in the event that the recovery partition is also damaged.

RM Tablet PC port details

The teacher model photographed from the top, showing its FireWire, USB, PCMCIA and Compact Flash ports.
Looking at either tablet from the right hand side you can see Ethernet, Modem, Headphone, Microphone, USB and mini-VGA ports

VGA Adapter
The VGA adapter converts the mini-VGA out from the tablet to the full size 15 pin connector
commonly found on the back of desktop PCs, enabling you to output the tablet screen to your projector or large presentation monitor.
An adapter is included as standard with every RM Teacher Tablet PC.

USB Floppy Drive
The lightweight USB 3.5" Floppy Drive is powered from the USB port and so doesn't require additional bulky power adapters to function.

Carry Case
In addition to protecting your tablet as you carry it around with space for power adapter, mouse and mini keyboard, the ingenious Carry Case provides two modes of use without you having to take it out of the bag:
Write on the tablet as if opening a large book, ideal for use on the train
Open the second compartment to create a monitor stand and plug in your mouse and mini keyboard for writing long text documents

The one button Stylus included with each RM Tablet PC. Replacements are available directly from RM.
A version of the stylus incorporating an eraser on the opposite end to the nib is also available.


Build your own!

RM's Online Configurator allows you to configure and buy the hardware that you want. Which means that whatever your requirement, it's easy to build a PC or server to match!

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