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Convertible, Slate or Hybrid?

Each type of Tablet PC is jam-packed with features.  Start with Windows XP Professional Tablet PC Edition for superior stability and compatibility, add specialized software like Journal, Sticky Notes and more and you have a computer unlike anything you've seen before. 

All Tablet PCs include the revolutionary screen that allows users to write directly on the screen.  Handwriting recognition allows us to use our computers as never before.  The screen mode can be changed from portrait to landscape with the touch of a button or simply changing the position of the Tablet.  One model can even be used as a touch-screen as well as using digital input.

Add to this a high-power, low CPU processor that emits very little heat, a battery designed for longer use without recharging, plenty of storage and enough ram to run all your programs and it's easy to see that the Tablet PC is going to  change computing forever.

 The Convertible Models

The convertible Tablet PC has the full functionality of a notebook with the added ability to recognize handwriting as well as speech.  The "flip-top" models make it easy to take notes in the way most comfortable, whether typing on the attached keyboard like a notebook, writing when it's inconvenient or impossible to type,  using the speech capabilities, or any combination.

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For a full description of convertible Tablet PCs, click here or, for a specific product check the Links Page.

The Slate Models

The slate Tablet PC is pure portability with no loss in functionality.  With a docking station and a keyboard, the Tablet PC slate models can be used as a desktop.  When it's time to go, just grab it.  No shutdown is required.

For a full description of slate Tablet PCs, click here or, for a specific product check the Links Page.

The Hybrid Model

Compaq/HP has the unique Tablet PC.  This innovative computer has a detachable keyboard so you get the best of both the slate and the convertible, depending on what you need and when you need it.

Motion Computing and Electrovaya, although true slates, are offering optional attachable keyboards that make their Tablet PCs as functional as a convertible.  For our purposes throughout this site, though, a Hybrid Tablet PC is classified as one that has the keyboard as an integral part of the system, not a very nice accessory.


There are many accessories available for the Tablet PC with more being added all the time.  From a case for traveling to a docking station for desktop use, from an AC adapter to an additional battery to an external charger, accessories help make the Tablet PC an extremely versatile computer, no matter how it's used. To take a look at some that have been rated as Editor's Favorites, click here.


There's a large selection of programs available specifically for the Tablet PC.  Windows-compatible programs are fully-supported with the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system as well.

There will be more and more software created for the Tablet PC, for both general and specialized use.  Many programs are currently available,  The following are just a few.

For many more programs, visit the Links and Software pages on this site.

For a complete list of all hardware and software partners - Tablet PC Partners

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