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Toughbook T5 - Business Rugged

A Tablet PC Alternative with Extremely Long Battery Life
Unique to the Panasonic Toughbook T5 is a 12.1 inch touch-screen LCD as well as a durable frame with a sleek, compact design and an ergonomic hand strap. Equipped with an ultra-low voltage processor, the T5 offers increased battery capability which translates into more than ten hours of life while weighing only 3.5 pounds. These features, combined with the touch screen and the included image rotation software, make the T5 ideal for use offsite and in the office.

As with all Toughbooks, designed for field service or business environments, the new T5 includes a magnesium alloy case, flexible internal connectors and shock-mounted and removable hard drive. Business-rugged Toughbooks are tested to withstand a one foot drop, while the hard drives themselves are rated to survive a fall of thirty inches.

Intel® Core™ Solo U1400, 1.2GHz ULV
512MB (DDR2 533) standard, expandable to 1536MB (PC2 4200)
60GB HDD, shock-mounted and removable
12.1” 1024 x 768 XGA anti-glare TFT Active Matrix Color LCD with Touchscreen
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG network connection 802.11a/b/g
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP2
Display image rotation software
Dimensions: 1.1”/2.7” (H) x 10.6” (W) x 8.3” (D)
Ergonomic hand strap
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Battery life: Approx. 10 hours (MobileMark)
Mini Dock Box Replicator (accessory)
Wireless on-off switch (WWAN, WLAN)
Optional integrated WWAN (EV-DO, HSDPA)



Toughbook CF-18

Utilizing an advanced mobility platform and technology for maximum performance with minimal battery drain, the CF-18 features a tilting-and-swiveling 10.4-inch high-visibility XGA display panel that flips and closes over the unit's keyboard to become a fully functional, rugged Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000 Professional or Windows(R) XP Professional Touchscreen PC tablet, or--in the digitized-screen variant--a state-of-the-art Windows(R) XP TabletPC.   

"The Toughbook 18 is quite simply in a class by itself," said Rance Poehler, president of Panasonic Computer Solutions Company. "It will redefine the tablet PC category while setting new standards for versatility in notebook computing. Panasonic has leveraged its years of experience and engineering to design a tablet PC which provides the durability demands for both white and blue collar applications. The 'convertible' nature of the Toughbook 18 makes it ideal for use from claims adjusters to hospital nurses while also being able to withstand the pounding from Panasonic's Military and Public Safety customers. The Toughbook 18 can be carried up a latter, hung on a wall as a tablet, or mounted in a vehicle like a standard notebook," notes Poehler.

    "It also offers our customers--some of whom regularly find themselves in situations where reliable communication is literally a life and death matter--more simultaneous connectivity options than any other computer in its class, notebook or tablet PC. No longer does a Department head or IT manager have to decide between wireless LAN, Bluetooth, CDMA, or GPS access. Now a company can have many options working simultaneously, in an under-four-pound computer that they can depend on to keep them connected in even the most unforgiving operating environments.

    As a provider of portable computing systems to some of the most demanding industrial, public service and military organizations in the world, we have always defined ourselves by our ability to deliver high-performance, rugged computers for use anywhere, anytime, under any conditions," comments Poehler. "Typical retail notebook computers have failure rates as high as 20 percent, according to Gartner. In my opinion, retail plastic tablet computers with no ruggedization, will experience even higher failure rates than notebook PCs. Carrying into the field a plastic tablet PC with an unprotected glass LCD display is an accident waiting to happen and will present its user with a costly learning experience," further notes Poehler.

World's only fully ruggedized, swivel-screen, 4.4-pound convertible notebook/pen tablet.

Shock-mounted 10.4-inch TFT daylight-readable, anti-reflective, active-matrix color LCD display with 1024 x 768 pixel internal resolution at 16 million colors and 1280 x 1024 pixel external resolution at 16 million colors. Optional transflective LCD in Touchscreen PC model automatically balances sunlight and backlight for brightness levels in excess of 850 cd/m2.

Display panel swivels and tilts to virtually any angle for maximum visibility in notebook configuration and flips for use as standalone ruggedized pen-tablet.

Shock-and-vibration isolated 40GB low-voltage UDMA hard drive

Full support for Microsoft (R) Windows(R) 2000 Professional, Windows(R) XP Professional or Windows(R) XP TabletPC Edition

Fully sealed and MIL STD 810F tested against drop shock, vibration, water, dust, heat and cold.

7.5 hour runtime from compact lithium-ion battery pack

10.7 x 8.5 x 1.9-inches (WDH), 4.2 lbs


Resetting the Baseline of Portable Performance & Power Management

The Toughbook(R) CF-18's advanced system micro-architecture incorporates numerous specialized circuits designed to streamline operations, increase real-word computing efficiency and prolong battery life. Predictive analysis is used to pre-load instructions based on past program behavior for smoother, faster transitions between operations; a "merge" circuit combines diverse operations into a single executable instruction; power-optimization enhancements minimize voltage swing and eliminate battery drain by idle components; and internal tracking technology allows the processor to execute program instructions without interruption.

Communications enhancements include the ability to move from a wired to a wireless LAN connection without exiting applications and improved data throughput, operating range, and responsiveness on Bluetooth(TM) networks.

Full Pen Tablet Functionality With Maximum OS Flexibility

The Toughbook CF-18 Convertible is available in two models; a Windows(R) 2000 Professional or Windows(R) XP Professional Touchscreen PC notebook that converts to a tablet using standard pen extensions or proprietary Windows-compatible applications and a Windows(R) XP TabletPC Edition-based notebook with a magnetically digitized display that converts to a 100-percent TabletPC-compliant pen tablet.

The digitized screen in the Windows(R) XP TabletPC Edition model allows users to incorporate handwritten input into Microsoft(R) Office applications, annotate documents imported from a server or other computer, instantly change screen views from portrait to landscape mode and use pen "gestures" to perform such functions as pointing, clicking, selecting and dragging. Other features integrated into the CF-18 TabletPC Edition include handwriting-to-text conversion, speech recognition (English, Japanese and simplified Chinese), and Microsoft(R) ClearType(R) technology for maximum text readability.

Innovative LCDs Make Everything Clear Day Or Night

Screen readability, a determinant factor in the usefulness of all portable computers, is especially critical in tablet applications where the user must be able see well enough to write, draw and complete forms on the screen rather than just read text. An optional, transflective LCD display on the CF-18 Touchscreen PC delivers extraordinary brightness in all operating environments by automatically balancing ambient light and system backlight, while the TabletPC Edition's magnetically digitized display is precision engineered to optimize handwriting recognition, drafting and other freehand data-entry tasks.

As Notebook Or Tablet This Convertible Is Mil-Spec Tough

From the bottom of its cast-magnesium-alloy case--manufactured by Panasonic in its own state-of-the-art metal fabrication facility--to the top of its screen, the CF-18 has been designed to provide the durability standards that Toughbook(R) customers have come to expect. Both the screen and hard drive are impact isolated and the entire computer has been designed for compliance with MIL STD 810F requirements for four-corner and flat-side shock and vibration absorption, and liquid, dirt and dust ingress protection in extreme operating environments.

Newest Member Of The Industry's First Family Of Rugged Computers

The Toughbook CF-18 is the newest model in the industry's most complete line of rugged, portable computers for vertical applications. In addition to a full line of notebook computers ranging from the rugged, big-screen Pentium 4-powered CF-50, to the battle-hardened full-size CF-28, to the high-durability ultra-portable CF-T1, Panasonic offers such specialized models as the Permanent Display Removable Computer (PDRC) for police car mounting, the Toughbook(R) 07 MDWD wireless "wearable" computer, and the Toughbook 01 handheld terminal.

An Array of Wireless & Wired Network Protocols

The Toughbook CF-18 offers integrated Bluetooth(TM) Class 1, IEEE 802.11b, CDMA 2000 RTT and GPRS Class 8 wireless connectivity options, an integrated Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver, 100Base TX/10 BaseT wired LAN support and a 56K V90-compliant modem. Other I/Os include two Type II PC Card slots (or one Type II/ one Smart Card slot), serial port, ext. video port, USB 2.0 (x2) inputs, and audio input and output.

Current pricing is $3200

**Integrated options and accessories may vary depending on your notebook configuration.  Please consult your reseller or Panasonic representative before purchasing.

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