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Designed for flexible, human computing, the PaceBook, with Microsoft's new Windows XP Tablet Edition Operating System, promises an evolution in how you work. Take notes, mark up documents in your own handwriting - even search your handwritten notes!

Even before Microsoft announced its plans for the Tablet PC operating system, PaceBlade had begun work on our Tablet, researching and developing a truly human product - combining incredible functionality and great style. The launch of Windows XP Tablet Edition extends this power, so you can switch between digital ink, the on-screen keyboard or traditional input methods - a keyboard.

With PaceBlade's range of accessories, you can meet all your computing needs. Need a Desktop PC? The DeskStand is the best-looking, most ergonomic solution. Need to work handsfree? We have the carrying solutions, designed in conjunction with our customers.


Digital Ink and Touchscreen set the PaceBook Tablet apart. With the digitizer and touchscreen you choose the best input method for your needs.

Digital ink gives excellent handwriting recognition, allowing you to annotate documents, write email by hand, even search your handwritten notes. And the special screen means you can put your hand on the screen while writing - exactly like on paper.

But take the pen away, and you can use the touchscreen with your finger - or choose the On-screen keyboard for fast data entry.

The PaceBook Tablet is the only Tablet PC that offers such range of input methods - so you can be truly on the move.

For the first time ever, an operating system has been designed specifically for pen input. Now you can take notes and mark up documents all in your own handwriting. You can even search your handwritten notes.




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Bright, Big Screen
With the PaceBook's 12.1" high-quality XGA display (1024x768, 768x1024) you can work comfortably for as long as you want, and look at your work in portrait or landscape modes.

Built-in IEEE-1394
The PaceBook's superfast 400Mbps IEEE-1394 port lets you easily connect high-speed devices, like the Pacebook optical drives, digital camcorders and high-speed disk drives.

USB Ports
Two 12Mbps USB ports extend your connectivity - to digital cameras, printers, scanners, external hard disks, joysticks and PDAs. The Round USB Port is perfect for the PaceBook Camera - it can rotate = 360 degrees. For even more connectors, including serial, use the PaceBook Port Replicator.

IR/USB Keyboard
The optional PaceBook Keyboard is light enough to take anywhere and lets you position the most comfortable working distance.

No Heat, Long Battery Life… and it's Fanless!
The PaceBook Tablet uses Transmeta's Crusoe TM5800, a full speed processor that needs only 5W of power, keeping temperatures down. It also means more battery life and no fan. No fan means no noise.

Great for Presentations
The PaceBook Tablet is the ultimate tool for making presentations. Use the PaceBook Remote to switch slides and be the coolest presenter around.

Easy Access Buttons
With the buttons conveniently placed, using your PaceBook Tablet is faster and more intuitive than any other computer. Click the Menu Button and you can control volume, backlight and access your most-used programs.

The Rotation Button lets you easily move from landscape to portrait, not only a great way to impress your friends, but good for reading long emails!

Hang it Where?
Anywhere! The PaceBook's Tripod Hole means the Tablet can be mounted in cars for GPS or DVD; airplanes for flight manuals; on carts or even wheelchairs.

Full Line of Accessories

The PaceBook has a full line of accessories to choose from; bags, stands, optical drives, digital cameras and more

The fully adjustable DeskStand gives your Pacebook all the functionality of an LCD PC. You can place your PaceBook in the optimal viewing posture, connect an external keyboard and mouse, creating an extremely ergonomic solution.

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