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According to the Windows Vista Blog, Jim Allchin says "It's time!" and Nick White, Windows Vista Client PMG goes on to discuss what it means and that there's more to come. 

"Great news!  Today were announcing the release to manufacturing (RTM) of Windows Vista.

Yes, you read it right -- development of Windows Vista is complete.

Want proof?  Watch this video and hear it from Jim Allchin himself.

Ultimately, we never could have achieved this milestone without you, the enthusiast community, who have played a key role in making this the highest-quality, most secure, most reliable and most usable version of Windows the world has ever seen.  You gave us unprecedented support in testing and providing your feedback while we designed, developed and refined Windows Vista -- so much so that it has in many ways become a reflection of your involvement.

Consequently, you should feel the same sense of accomplishment that we feel today.

And just what is this so-called RTM?  Its the major milestone where we can confidently say that Microsoft is done with Windows Vista and will be handing it off to our industry partners:  PC makers, ISVs and IHVs.  They in turn will continue to ramp-up in earnest now that the target is locked -- for example, by refining hardware drivers -- in order to complete the cycle and make Windows Vista available via retail channels on 30 January 2007.  On that date Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system will be available to customers around the world.

But before we get there, weve got some really, REALLY great things to come, much of which will be disclosed or discussed on this blog -- so keep your eyes peeled!"

We here at The Tablet PC and Write PC are very anxious to see what's still coming.  The inclusion of Tablet PC bits is going to bring Tablets to the forefront.  I'd expect sales to increase and that more and more people will come to enjoy the Tablet experience.

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