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Spellex announces handwriting recognition of specialty terminology for the Tablet PC

Spellex announces the Spellex Tablet PC Suite 2.0 for specialty terminology. The new Tablet PC enhancement recognizes hundreds of thousands of comprehensive English terms, including words relating to business, language, current trends, and Internet technology.  With the Spellex Tablet PC Suite, you can also enhance your handwriting recognition and spell checking ability by adding specialized terms from the medical, legal, and scientific fields.  

Benefits:   The new Spellex Tablet PC Suite allows your Tablet PC to better recognize handwritten specialty terms in many handwriting enhanced applications including Microsoft OneNote, Office, Windows Journal, the Windows Tablet Input Panel and more.  This eliminates the need to constantly add specialty terms to your Tablet PCs user dictionary.  The Spellex Tablet PC Suite also allows users to verify unsure spelling of words by phonetic or typographical search as they type in Microsoft Office.  The user saves time and increases their productivity.   

Both handwriting recognition vocabulary and spell checking improvements co-exist in one combined software suite!  The Spellex Tablet PC Suite will easily integrate into your program so no new training is needed. There are no help files to read, no commands to learn, and no more embarrassing errors. 

Pricing for the Spellex Tablet PC Suite starts at $59.


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