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PhatWare Releases PhatPad 4.0 for Windows Powered Tablet, Desktop and Pocket PCs

PhatWare has just released the next generation of the company's award-winning notes organizer, PhatPad 4.0 for Windows Powered Tablet, Desktop and Pocket PCs. The upgraded software supports Windows Vista and gives mobile users support for typed text in addition to digital ink, document security and templates.  

One of the most notable new features in PhatPad 4.0 is support for typed text in addition to digital ink. Text features also include: 

  • typed text can be inserted into the new or existing PhatPad documents in the form of text objects or labels
  • PhatPad allows up to 1,000 text objects per page with each text object containing up to 16KB of text and attributes such as background, border, and text color and text font
  • users can edit, move or delete existing text objects
  • all text is stored in Unicode and is supported on both desktop and Pocket PCs

The upgraded software also includes a number of other new features, including: 

  • improved inking and integration with handwriting recognition software on Tablet PCs and UMPCs
  • sinkable user interface with 9 pre-defined skins (including four skins similar to Microsoft Office 2007ís interface)
  • document templates
  • password-protection with 256-bit long security key and new proprietary encryption algorithms

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