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Versa LitePad

Engineered to combine the natural convenience of pen-basedcomputing with the productivity advantages of Microsoft’s new Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, the Versa LitePad represents a new generation of “pure” Tablet-based computing solutions for grab-and-go professionals in vertical markets like healthcare, field sales and professional services where users require a solution that’s easy to use in a variety of mobile environments.  In addition, NEC has equipped the Versa LitePad with customized software and powerful new business applications aimed at helping companies reduce training time and increasing productivity. 

Key Features Include:

  • 10.4² XGA TFT color display with digitizer

  • Intel® Ultra-Low-Voltage Mobile Pentium® III Processor at 933MHz-M

  • 2.2 pounds[i]; .6-inches thick

  • 256 MB RAM, expandable to 512 MB[ii]

  • 20 GB hard drive[iii]

  • Integrated Wireless LAN 802.11a+b connections (both form factors included)

  • External USB CD-ROM drive

  • External USB keyboard and mouse

Key Features Include:

  • 10.4² XGA TFT color display with digitizer

  • Intel® Ultra-Low-Voltage Mobile Pentium® III Processor at 933MHz-M

  • 2.2 pounds[i]; .6-inches thick

  • 256 MB RAM, expandable to 512 MB[ii]

  • 20 GB hard drive[iii]

  • Integrated Wireless LAN 802.11a+b connections (both form factors included)

  • External USB CD-ROM drive

  • External USB keyboard and mouse


Overall Features:


System Processor

Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor ULV-M, featuring Intel SpeedStep Technology

·         933 MHz

·         133-MHz Front-Side Bus (FSB)

·         L2 cache - 512-KB




Random Access Memory (RAM)

·    Standard Memory - 256 MB of high-speed PC133 memory in one SO-DIMM slot

·    Memory Expansion - 512 MB of PC133 memory upgrade in SO-DIMM slot

BIOS Read-Only Memory (ROM) - 512-KB flash ROM

Cache Memory -L1 Cache; 16 KB code and 16 KB data


Hard Disk Drive

20 GB - hard drive

1.8-inch, 5mm, IDE, UltraDMA/100


Calendar Clock

Year/month/day/hour/minute/second maintained by internal back-up battery


Core Chip

Napa2-T (North Bridge) and Ali 1535+ (South Bridge)



Controller - embedded in core chip (North Bridge)

Video RAM -16 MB (UMA)

Resolution - XGA (default) and SVGA

VGA out - support for simultaneous LCD/CRT display



Extended Graphics Array (XGA) LCD panel

·         10.4-inch reflective active-matrix Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color display

·         Protective covering - tempered glass with coating

·         Resolution -1024 × 768 max

·         Colors -up to 65,536

·         Color depth - 24-bit



Tablet - Electromagnet give and receive method

Pens - Slim pen (5.5mm) and clip pen (9mm)  


User Controls

Buttons -push buttons

·         Change screen orientation

·         Escape

·         Function

·         Security

·         Down

·         Enter

·         Up


Switches - slide switch

·         Power

·         Radio wave



Controller - embedded in core chip (South Bridge)

Sound Codec -ADI 1981B

·         Internal monaural speaker

·         Internal microphone

·         SoundBlaster compatible

·         Software beep control

·         Buzzer support

·         S/P DIF support



 Slim, space-saving USB keyboard with standard QWERTY-key layout 

·         Function keys - 12 keys

·         Cursor control keys including 4 arrow keys arranged in inverted T layout

·         Windows key set

·         Num lock, Caps lock, Scroll lock, and Fn status LEDs

·         Sleep button

·         Embedded numeric keypad



 Mini 3-button USB optical wheel mouse


 Input/Output (I/O) Facilities

 Integrated industry-standard interfaces

·         LAN Port - 1 port, RJ-45 jack

·         DC In - 1 port for AC adapter cable

·         USB Ports - 3 ports, one with power port

·         VGA - 1 port, 15-pin high-density D-sub

·         Microphone In - 1 port, 3-pin, Mini-Pin jack

·         Stereo Headphone Out - 1 port, 3-pin, Mini-Pin jack (with SP DIF)



 10Base-T and 100Base-TX

 Wake-On LAN support on S3/S4 states

 LAN boot support (network boot)

 Remote Power On support

 Full duplex support

 Software support for management server

 Integrated on main board


Wireless LAN

Mini PCI - both 802.11a and 802.11b

Outside antenna


Storage Devices

Optional external USB industry-standard 3.5-inch, 1.44-MB1 diskette drive

External USB 24x CD-ROM drive

Optional external USB 24x CD-R/RW drive


Card Slot

One CF card slot for Type I or Type II CF Card



ACPI power management support; power status and battery charge status LEDs



Main Battery

·         Lithium ion (Li-Ion), 4 cell battery pack RTC Battery


AC Adapter

Input Voltage - 100 to 240 volts (V) AC, 50 watt (max.)

Output Voltage - 19 volts DC, 50 watt (max.)



Kensington lock slot

Power-on password; can set with pen


Dimensions and Weights

Tablet PC System

·         Width - 8.82 in (224 mm)

·         Length - 11.69 in. (297 mm)

·         Thickness - 0.59 in. (15 mm)

·         Weight - 2.24 lbs.- (1015 g)


Availability & Pricing

The NEC Versa LitePad is available now through select distributors, including CDW, Amazon and PC Connection with standard configurations starting at $2,399 (U.S.).[i]


Limited Warranty

One-year parts and labor limited warranty

Concurrent one-year Express service at no extra charge

[i]For a free copy of the limited warranty, see a reseller where our products are sold or write to NEC Solutions (America), Inc., ATT: Warranty Dept., 10850 Gold Center Drive, Suite 200, Rancho Cordova, CA 9567

[iii] When referring to storage capacity, GB stands for one billion bytes and MB stands for one million bytes. Some utilities may indicate varying storage capacities. Total user-accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environments.


Thinnest, Lightest Tablet PC

With its sleek shape, silver magnesium casing and “slate” blue color the Versa LitePad is perfect for executives who require a professional and functional device in board meetings, but has the thin and light form factor for field mobile users.  It has an ultra slim profile of 11.7-inches long by .6-inches thick and is a feather-light 2.2 pounds[i] – lighter than any other slate Tablet PC on the market today and designed for extreme mobility.  A primary feature of the Versa LitePad is its 10.4-inch wide-angle display, which allows a user to interact with the product like it was “digital paper,” electronically capturing handwritten notes and radically simplifying daily business collaborations.  Its innovative form factor allows professionals to use the system in places where traditional desktops and notebooks are not practical.

“With the Versa LitePad, we are capturing the natural, intuitive form of using pen and paper and applying that familiarity into a mobile solution that creates a computing experience unlike any product on the market today. There is now a solution available that by virtue of its design, is extremely easy to use, easy to carry and easy to support,” said Larry Miller, vice president and general manager, Mobile Solutions Division of NEC Solutions America. “The vision of NEC Solutions America is to provide a solution for the enterprise market that will offer a tool designed to lower costs and productivity downtime, but increase overall ROI for the mobile user and company’s bottom line.”

Engineered for the Extended Enterprise

The Versa LitePad enables several new enterprise and vertical market applications and is being sold into select horizontal and vertical markets, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail and manufacturing and field force automation.  The Versa LitePad is ideally suited for organizations looking to replace their traditional paper-based clipboard systems with a mobile solution that can drastically simplify business collaborations, field data collection and improve communications with remote employees.

For example, in the healthcare market, pharmaceutical sales teams can use the Versa LitePad for capturing patient data, or for tracking hospital visits and sharing clinical studies.  Likewise, mobile workers in the professional services market, such as on-site insurance claims adjustors can use the Versa LitePad for inspecting customer claims and wirelessly accessing policy information and data from the corporate server. 

The Perfect Blend of Hardware & Software for the Mobile User

The Versa LitePad ships equipped with an Intel® Ultra-Low-Voltage Mobile Pentium® III Processor at 933MHz-M with 256MB[ii] memory to maximize performance.  In addition, recognizing the need to balance performance with extreme mobility, NEC engineered the Versa LitePad with integrated both Wireless LAN 802.11a and 802.11b to provide ultimate connectivity, plus a traditional built-in Mini PCI LAN for fast connections to both wired and wireless networks.

The Versa LitePad ships with several third-party productivity applications pre-bundled, including:

·         Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® Version 5.0 (PDF document reader)

·         Alias/Wavefront SketchBook Pro (sketchbook software)

·         Colligo Networks Personal Edition (Peer-to Peer WLAN connection utility)

·         Corel® Grafigo (annotation and design software)

·         FranklinCovey® TabletPlanner (personal organizer and time management)

·         Microsoft Office XP Service Pack for Tablet PC

·         Zinio Reader (eBook software)

“Colligo’s unique peer-to-peer ‘instant network’ solutions leverage the built-in WLAN capabilities of the highly mobile Tablet PC form factor by directly connecting users immediately out of the box,” said Barry Jinks, president and CEO at Colligo Networks. “Having our applications included with the NEC Versa LitePad validates the need for on-the-fly messaging, data exchange, and resource sharing for individuals on the go.”

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is an advanced new operating system that integrates pen-based features and enables Windows XP-compatible applications to take advantage of various input modes, such as pen- and voice-based data.  With Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, mobile professionals can easily complete common business tasks such as checking e-mail, accessing electronic files, taking handwritten notes, annotating documents, or quickly and accurately entering data anywhere.

About NEC Solutions America, Mobile Solutions Division

Mobile Solutions is a division of NEC Solutions (America), Inc., a leading provider of business solutions and services for the high-end commercial and professional markets in North America.  Mobile Solutions offers unique mobile computing hardware and solutions to the enterprise market and combines best-in-breed software and services with world-class hardware to deliver complete solutions to targeted commercial market segments.  For more information about Mobile Solutions, please go to or contact (888) 632-8701.

[i] Prices are subject to change without notice.  Prices do not include tax or shipping.  Reseller prices may vary.

[i] Weight without external drives.

[ii] If upgrading after initial purchase, the memory module provided with the system will have to be replaced with an optional larger memory module in order to achieve the maximum capacity.

Model Versa LitePad
CPU Ultralow voltage edition Mobile Intel (R) Pentium (R) III
Processor 933mHz-M
Memory SDRAM 256MB
Trident/ALi corporation CyberALADDiN-T (TM)
Display 10.4 "
Input Electromagnetic digitizer
OS Windows (R) XP Tablet PC Edition
Application Optional
Hard drive  20GB
CD-ROM drive Optional
Networking LAN (10/100) + IEEE 802.11a/b
Battery Lithium ion
Writing Thin tempered glass gives a more "paper-feel" to the tablet while writing
Battery Improved battery life - approximately 1.6 times more than the existing models
Standard price $2399

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