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This is one of the easiest reviews I've ever had to write. 

Everything Lenovo says about the X61 is true.  If anything, it's understated.  The X61 and Windows Vista Ultimate have given me what I've been looking for for some time - a Tablet PC that runs Media Center well.  Yes, I use an external card, but that's a small price to pay for something I've waited 4 years to work.

The system is snappy, reliable and does it all.  This is my everyday machine and it goes with me everywher.

New processors and chipsets for different needs

• Core 2 Duo Low Voltage (L7300 (1.4 GHz) and L7500
(1.6GHz) With 800 MHz FSB and 4MB cache)
• GM965 with 2x maximum graphics memory

Choose a new 32- or 64-bit Vista or XP Professional operating system

Improved communications
• Next generation of WLAN performance via 802.11n via 2x3 or 2x2 MIMO
• Bluetooth

Hard drives for different needs
• Up to 160GB, 5400 RPM
• Up to 100GB, 7200 RPM
• Robson 1GB card boosts hard drive performance

Ultimate viewability
• 12.1” wide-angle SXGA+ with indoor/outdoor
• XGA supporting indoor/outdoor viewability and
passive touch capacity and dynamic screen rotation

X61 Tablet: Choice of Screen Technology to best suit your needs

X61 Tablet MultiView + MultiTouch

The touch panel has super low reflectance technology by adopting “Circular polarized construction” technology to improve screen viewability drastically both indoor and outdoor.

MultiView provides clear screen image indoor, and low reflectivity outdoor even in sunlight.

ThinkPad X61 Tablet has digitizer at LCD back side to recognize electromagnetic stylus pen (excellent pen input usability, same as X60 Tablet), and touch panel in front of the LCD to recognize finger input.

Conventional touch panel notebook has a touch panel in front of the LCD.
This means that there are 5 reflectance layers, which generate much reflectance.

SXGA+ Screen with “Direct Bonding” Technology
Direct bonding technology offers significant benefits over similar panel technologies:
Improved readability outdoors especially in sunlight
Lowest reflectivity
Less susceptible to scratching
More durable under harsh conditions
Lighter and thinner design

Both screen choices have dynamic screen orientation capabilities.

Top Features, Functions & Benefits of X61 Tablet
Features Functions Benefits
Ultralight and thin form

Outstanding battery life

MultiView display

MultiTouch panel

SXGA+ display

NavDial + flick gestures


Active Rotate

802.11n MIMO wireless +
Embedded WAN


Handwriting learning and

Lightest and thinnest product in the most popular tablet form factor

Maximum battery life over 10 hours

Better screen technology for any light condition and wide angles

Allows either finger or pen touch to move cursor

Higher resolution allows more information on same size screen with greater clarity

Programmable navigational pad and pen motions can be used in tablet mode

Uses APS technology to provide a one-handed method for screen rotation

Embedded antennae enabled by MIMO and integrated WAN cards with choice of optional service providers (Cingular,
Verizon, Telus, Vodafone)

Distinguish between difficult words or characters using your own handwriting

More comfortable feel for your mobile computing needs

Long lasting computing power

Better for indoor and outdoor viewing, and from extreme angles

Increased ease of use and more natural interaction with tablet

Greater content display and image clarity

Improved navigation and editing while in tablet mode

Enables screen rotation even when only one hand is free

Faster and more consistent wireless connectivity for improved overall productivity


Faster translation and improved

Other Improvements

New feature in Power Manager - New icon on the taskbar allows selection of Battery Life

Customer is in clear control over battery life & can make improvements in situations when battery is running out

Visual display shows how battery life settings, such as minimizing display refresh rate, disabling radios and
bluetooth, can maximize battery life

Temporary selections that extend battery life can be made via the Power Manager tool

New Security Features - New 32-bit Pre-boot Password

The new 32 bit password feature combined with the integrated fingerprint reader provide superior Pre Boot authentication

The 32 bit password feature allows users to create lengthy and complex passwords

Users don’t have to worry about remembering the password or typing it in public places: the finger print reader literally puts access right at the user’s finger tip

New I/O Port Disable -

Data encryption and password protection are effective against outside threats but currently 95 % of information thefts happen internally.

Large amounts of data can be moved with small removable media.

Lenovo provides cost effective and easy solution to disable all the input & output ports to prevent information thefts.

Extreme Performance

Intel Turbo Memory solution:
Nonvolatile cache technology
1GB card + 5400rpm outperforms 7200rpm and is less expensive
Large benefit covers Software encryption performance degradation
Supports SATA hard drives

Intel Turbo Memory will use new Vista capabilities to improve performance
Adding cache memory instead of traditional, more expensive memory cards
Prioritization of the programs being currently used over background tasks
Adaptation to the way users work
Tracking the programs being used most often and preloading them into

Intel Turbo Memory provides the following benefits:

Faster application load time
Power saving
Improved boot time
Faster multi-tasking
Increase in system responsiveness

Editor's Note:  As much as I recommend and use the X60 Tablet PC, I can't wait to review the X61.
Watch for a review soon! 

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