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I received a Flybook V33i for review from MobileDemand and was immediately impresssed with the look and feel of it.  The only negative thought that crossed my mind was that it would have been even better if it came with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition installed rather than Windows XP Pro. Believe me, this Tablet really garners attention!

Now, Flybook has announced the V5 and I can't wait to try it.  With either Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Business, the V5 includes all programs necessary to run a Tablet PC at its best.

For now, let's take a look at what the Flybook V5 offers.

Flybook V5 is top of the line solution for a global traveler. Its tablet-style swivel makes it easy to make notes or mark essential sections of documents. Touch-screen panel makes demonstration easy and powerful. Integrated connectivity features give you quick and easy access around the globe to your email, internet, and the data on your network. It is the lightest fully equipped and fast computer. Elegant design and several colors to chose from attracts attention. Security features, including finger-print reader, protect it contents.


Flybook is a go-anywhere, do-everything computer, tablet PC and PDA. It’s as powerful as a desktop or a heavyweight laptop PC and as handy as a mobile phone. It's packed with the latest multimedia and telecommunications technology that will replace your office phones, faxes, Internet and desktop.

While you are away on a business trip settled in your hotel room, you no longer need to worry about your connections. Flybook will connect you to the wireless network and through the GPRS system you’ll be able to download your e-mails in the comfort of your hotel room’s bed. Thanks to its connective technology, Flybook will also allow you to make personal or business phone calls worldwide via the web at no extra costs!

Connectivity at the speed of light
As you drift away through the sea of entertainment, you’ll always have at your service your inseparable number one tool: Flybook. Thanks to its GPS Bluetooth antenna and its positioning satellite system, you’ll be able to receive any and all kinds of helpful information as well as pursue your route on its touch-screen display.

The office in your pocket
Live in freedom with Flybook. Choose unlimited connectivity and open your mobile office whenever and wherever you are. Anywhere and at anytime - in the park while you’re laying down on the grass listening to you favourite type of music or even in the centre of town connected via a public wireless hotspot, Flybook will always be ready to assist you!

Waiting couldn’t be better!
The concept of idling away the hours at the departure lounge or in between flights is soon to be changed as you discover the world of Flybook. Watching a film in digital format, listening to music, watching the news via internet or even reading e-mails, checking-up your appointments, getting down to work is something you’ll now look forward to during your waiting hours!

The world at your fingertips
Flybook won’t let you waste not even one single second of your time. Even the train can become your perfect office. Flybook is connectivity at all times through the world of wireless network via the GPRS system with unlimited possibilities as to what you can accomplish with its help. Enhanced with Microsoft Windows Office XP®, as well as all of its other functional pre-installed programs, Flybook is your world of opportunities.

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Flybook connects you to the internet and phone services at anytime and anywhere in the world. It has a built-in GPRS tri-band mobile speakerphone that lets you call, send text or multimedia messages and surf the internet – just insert the SIM card and the world is at your fingertips. In fact, you can connect Flybook to the world using any system you like - GPRS, telephone line, LAN, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi – they’re all built-in. You choose!

Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology designed to simplify communications among Internet devices and between devices and the Internet. It allows you to connect to peripherals like printers, scanners or other computers, PDAs, mobile phones, GPS antennas as well as other devices without the use of cables.

Wi-Fi is the short for Wireless Fidelity and it is a device that enables one to connect to a wireless network. It consists of two essential elements: the transceiver, which is built into your Flybook and the access points, in other words, devices connected to landlines which are able to emit coverage inside and around offices, airports, conference rooms, hotels, town squares and etc.

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a standard for wireless communications, like mobile phones, which runs at speeds of up to 115KB. It supports a wide range of bandwidths, efficiently uses limited bandwidth and is particularly suited for sending and receiving small bursts of data, such as e-mail and Web browsing, as well as large volumes of data such as multimedia messages GPS The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a worldwide MEO (medium earth orbit) satellite navigational system formed by 24 satellites orbiting the earth and their corresponding receivers on the earth. The GPS system determines exactly your position in the world by calculating precisely your latitude, longitude as well as your altitude. GPS has applications beyond navigation and location determination. It can work out your speed and direction, compare it with your intended route or destination and guide you to wherever you would like to go. Connect your Flybook to the optional GPS antenna and you'll be able to pursue your journey by land or sea and be always on time without getting lost!

HSDPA Available as option with all Flybook Models.

With today’s hectic demands for mobile business users to be in constant contact with HQ, other business users and customers in “real-time” continues to grow. Potentially in some cases global connectivity is required, the need for a compact all encumbering ultimate portable device is now available in our HSDPA models.

Mobile broadband on your Flybook using the latest embedded module technology is a far better proposition than using (PCMCIA) data cards, with the increasing network speed of Mobile broadband presently at 1.8mbps and potentially to improved further providing faster speeds of 3.6 and potentially 7.2 the revolution of embedded notebooks for mobile business users has begun.

Many business users who travel and occasionally work at times in confined spaces such as economy business flights, the V33i and the V5 are small enough to hold, light enough to carry and compact so whether it's on a plane, in a car of even standing you're able to go about your daily business tasks with ease.

As a business user on the move the necessity to be connected is extremely important, Globally most networks now offer connectivity to 3G (384 kbps), if not then GPRS in remote area’s is fine (less users). Coverage for 3G across Europe generally is excellent in almost every country, however many networks have or are now upgrading networks to an improved mobile broadband speed of 1.8 mbps (HSDPA).

This improved speed is excellent news for mobile users, larger file sizes, pictures etc can now be received or transferred at lightning speed. No more waiting ages to send larger file sizes whilst saving your company with great saving on connectivity charges, “we’ve all experienced having the connection time out during an important transmission”.

Flybook is starting to make its presence known amongst the serious business users globally in what is a very competitive market place, Flybook offers a small lightweight compact PC that also happens to look stylish in a multitude of fashionable color finishes. It's the only sub notebook that offers a tablet facility, so everyone's preferences are covered. Plus it offers the best Taiwanese technology build with the stylist flair of Italy, this with the embedded HSDPA module for connectivity shows that Flybook has a successful product.

For the full specifications of the Flybook V5, please see our Comparison Charts.

Flybook V33i Specifications

Wireless WAN


Wireless PAN

  • Bluetooth 1.2 with antenna built-in

Wireless LAN

  • WiFi (802.11b/g) with antenna built-in


  • Intel® Pentium® M Processor ULV 733 1.1 GHz

Main Memory

  • 512 MB / 1 GB DDR 400 MHz (upgradeable to 2 GB)

Core Logic

  • ATI RC410


  • ATI RS450


  • 8.9” / 16:9 wide-view Color LTPS TFT LCD with (32-bit) 1024 x 600

Touch Panel

  • LCD Overlaid Touch Panel
    Landscape and Portrait dual mode

Swivel Hinge

  • Yes (For both Clam-shell and Tablet type operation)

Hard Disk

  • 40 GB, 2,5”, 5400 rpm (available 80 GB / 100 GB)

BIOS and Flash

  • Phoenix TC BIOS

External VGA Display

  • Up to 1800 x 1440 resolutions (highest to 32-bit color)

External TV Video

  • NTSC / PAL


  • 10/100/1000 Mbps (Gigabit LAN)

High Speed I/O

  • USB 2.0 x 2
    1394 Firewire x 2

Other I/O

  • Modem V.92 (RJ-11) x 1
    PCMCIA Type-II Slot x 1
    Earphone Jack x 1
    Mic Jack x 1
    Built-in Microphone x1


  • 80 key, standard keyboard (Multiple languages support)

Quick Buttons

  • Mouse buttons (R/L)
    PAN button
    Hot keys (on keyboard)


  • AC97; built-in speakers (stereo)


  • Swappable Li-Ion rechargeable battery (2400 mAh)


  • 235 x 155 x 31 (mm)
    Weight around 1230 g.

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows XP® Home Edition® or
    Microsoft Windows XP® Professional Edition®


  • Red / Black

For more information on these and other Flybook models as well as accessories, please see

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