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Imagine a portable PC that adapts to the way you work. It would be a versatile, highly mobile product that allows you to sketch, take notes while in a meeting, electronically capturing ink as it flows from a digitized pen onto a tablet PC screen that mimics a ruled paper notepad. Once back at the office, you could snap on a lightweight, removable keyboard and have a world-class ultra portable notebook PC. The Compaq Tablet PC TC 1000 delivers this increased mobility and productivity as a full function PC that integrates easily into your working environment — whatever it may be.

Photo of the Tablet PC in it's docking station on a desk.Designed to operate in multiple modes including tablet, portable notebook and desktop, the Compaq Tablet PC provides unprecedented mobility and versatility.  
Three thin pounds packed with features!

The new Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 is the first PC that is versatile enough to adapt to your working style, all with the power and productivity of a Windows PC. As a full-function PC, it delivers performance and compatibility with an innovative form factor offering unprecedented mobility and versatility. It also simplifies your computing needs with the added convenience of handwriting.

The revolutionary Compaq Tablet PC operates as a full function PC, delivering performance and compatibility while weighing less than three pounds. Designed to operate in multiple modes including tablet, portable notebook and desktop, the Compaq Tablet PC was engineered to allow mobile professionals to transition through different working environments quickly, easily and discreetly. While ideally suited for use in corporate environments, the Compaq Tablet PC is perfect for real estate agencies, legal firms, insurance offices, classrooms, sales force automation applications, field service engineers, and healthcare applications as well. Now you can have your computing needs met for business, education classes, seminars and the like in one unit giving flexibility for easy transition between meetings, hotel and office. The Compaq Tablet PC allows you to experience a new level of productivity and mobility by bringing handwriting and computing together in an innovative, highly mobile and extremely versatile design.

"The comfortable, lightweight design of the Compaq Tablet PC will allow users to take handwritten notes, create drawings, or annotate existing documents on the screen in a way that is natural and intuitive to them, yet still provides all the performance and portability they've come to expect in a full-function mobile PC," said Ted Clark, vice president, New Notebook Markets, HP. "Our Tablet PC is another example of how the Compaq family of products continues to extend the boundaries and functionality of today's personal computing technologies."

The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 offers you the latest in wireless compatibility with integrated antennas to avoid damage and maximize design throughput. The integrated antennas connect you to a wireless network through 802.11b technology and provide you with a dependable route to your information. A variety of regional wireless wide area solutions will be supported through a PCMCIA slot providing customers the ability to access the Internet anytime anywhere. The tablet also excels in visual graphics, and audio quality to meet the presentation and performance needs that you require whether you are in the conference room, or at a meeting.

Move seamlessly from meeting room, to travel, to desktop

The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 is an ultra-slim and lightweight PC that features all the benefits of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system with the convenience of pen-based computing. The TC1000 is ideal for the highly-mobile notebook user who spends significant amounts of time away from his/her desk taking notes (both written and verbal) and collaborating with others.

The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 quickly transforms from a 3-pound tablet to a 4-pound ultra-portable by adding the standard mobile keyboard. With the addition of the optional external MultiBay, add increased functionality through a wide assortment of optical and storage options. The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 does not synchronize with your desktop because it is your desktop! The optional Tablet PC docking station supports both landscape and portrait viewing, as well as a writing mode.

It features MultiBay for addition of either optical or storage capabilities as well as pass-thru ethernet. For a larger workspace, add an external monitor, keyboard and mouse for true desktop experience and performance.

HP has had long-standing industry partnerships with many industry leaders. This type of relationship exists between HP and Transmeta as Clark points out, "When designing the Compaq Tablet PC we selected a high-performance processor that not only delivers the capability business users expect, but also provides long battery life. Transmeta's Crusoe TM5800 processor will help deliver a sleek, comfortable, lightweight Tablet PC that will allow business users to increase productivity in today's ever-changing business environment."

"HP is known within the industry as a birthplace of invention and the Compaq Tablet PC is another example of the innovation and leadership they bring to the mobile market," said Matthew Perry, president and chief executive officer, Transmeta Corporation. "Crusoe's power efficiency attributes are enabling mobile systems, such as the Compaq Tablet PC, that require long battery life and minimal weight with cool, quiet operation."

Long battery life

The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 is designed with industry-standard PC components offering great performance and long battery life. A bridge battery allows for fast battery swapping and primary battery provides up to 5+hours of battery life!

High-performance Transmeta Crusoe processors

The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 is equipped with the Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 1.0GHz processor and 512KB of integrated cache to maximize performance. This high-performance processor combined with its code-morphing software will handle your most intense tasks while at your desk as well as providing the best balance of performance and battery life when AC power is not available.


The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 graphics are powered by a NVIDIA GeForce2 Go 100graphics controller with 16MB SDRAM dedicated to graphics. This component provides rich graphics to support your daily business tasks and other applications that require a more rich support for graphics.

Strength and durability

The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 outer shell is a combination of magnesium alloy, engineering-grade polycarbonate polymer, and shock-resistant glass-to-bezel mounting.

Magnesium alloy is twenty times stronger than plastic significantly reducing the likelihood of damage to the display if dropped. These materials allow it to achieve its sleek lightweight design that is durable enough to stand up to daily use.

Microsoft®  Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition

A powerful new operating system, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is a superset of Microsoft Windows XP Professional.  It has leveraged the depth and breadth of Windows XP Professional, the best enterprise client operating system, and includes many platform  enhancements such as direct pen input, inking, speech and the tablet PC form factor.  All of these features add up to benefit you.  For example, existing applications will function on the tablet PC just as they function on other PCs running Windows XP Professional.

Incorporating the power of Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition, the Compaq Tablet PC is 100% Windows compatible. "HP is a worldwide leader in delivering innovative technology and solutions to the marketplace," said Alex Loeb, general manager of the Tablet PC at Microsoft Corporation. "Together, we will help the evolution of portable computing and bring the simplicity and power of digital ink to the everyday PC experience."

HP prides itself on a reputation for industry-standard best of breed products and the Compaq Tablet PC is a testament to that reputation. It serves as a full function tablet PC, extending its capabilities beyond that of a WebPad or PC companion. It offers unprecedented flexibility to adapt to the way you work. It is also backed by HP reputation for innovation, quality, reliability and compatibility.

The HP and Compaq families of products are extensively tested for compatibility in environments simulating real-world conditions including all the major operating systems and networking environments. The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 is protected under the industry-leading HP support umbrella known as HP Services. HP and its partners provide more than 100,000 sales and authorized service locations worldwide, with trained professionals ready to give you an unparalleled depth of service and support at the local level.

Additional information on the new Compaq Tablet PC is available at www.compaq.com/products/tabletpc and you can buy the Compaq Tablet PC online.

Simplicity of pen and paper

The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 provides you with the best of both worlds –it allows you to access it as a full-function PC in a conventional manner as well as being able to interface with it as if it were a piece of intelligent paper.

Take natural-looking handwritten notes using the new MS Journal application, which comes standard with Windows XP.

– Write and store information as "digital ink".

–It ’s just like paper.

–Bring note taking to a higher level

–format with different attributes including colors, bold and italics.

–Search handwritten notes using key words to quickly locate information.

–Draw pictures or sketch.

>No more lost pieces of paper! With 30GB or more of disk space, all your notes are stored safely in one place.

>Copy your notes as ink or as text and paste them into e-mail, documents and presentations. The flexibility of digital ink is limitless as more and more applications become ink-aware.

>Communicate quickly and discretely with others using digital ink. Whether taking notes or composing e-mail, the pen interface is as convenient as writing in a standard notebook.

>When you annotate documents within applications supporting digital ink, you can store your comments for your own records and send a copy to others.

>Renaming files, filling out forms? No problem. The Compaq Tablet PC TC1000 input panel offers you the flexibility of onscreen keyboard and handwriting recognition. It also supports character recognition and speech recognition.

Compaq Tablet PC TC1000

> Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition

> Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 processor 1.0GHz

> 256MB (PC133) SDRAM memory, expandable to 768MB

> 30GB SMART hard drive

> 10.4-inch XGA TFT wide angle viewing film, hard-tempered glass covering

> NVIDIA GeForce2 Go 100 graphics controller with 16MB SDRAM

> Integrated Type III MiniPCI 56K (v.92) modem and 10/100 NIC

> One Type II PC card slot / one compact flash slot

> Compaq Premier Sound™, two integrated speakers, one integrated microphone, and support for external headsets and microphone

> (2) USB 2.0, RJ-45 (NIC), RJ-11 (modem), VGA

> 6-cell lithium-Ion technology, bridge battery for fast battery swapping while in standby mode

> Optional internal 802.11b wireless networking

> Active pen

> 95% detachable keyboard and point stick (standard)

> 3.0 lbs. / 1.4kg Tablet PC only, 4.0 lbs. / 1.8kg Tablet PC with keyboard

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