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No matter how complete an article you've found on the internet might be, sometimes there's nothing better than a good book to help you get thoroughly familiar with a new product or program that you've gotten.

Tablet PCs are no exception.  This is a whole new way of computing, and many find that having a quick reference always available is one of the best investments they've made. 

More and more authors are contributing their skills to helping Tablet PC users find the book that fits them perfectly.

From a simple reference about Tablet PCs in general, to those that give lots of details in Tablet PC how-to's, to  complete tomes on how to run a particular program, it's more than likely that there's a book that will enhance your enjoyment of your Tablet PC.

Considering the price of computers, a book that will help you use your Tablet PC or any other computer to its best potential is a small price to pay for the usefulness you'll likely gain.

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Just Released!  Windows Vista Unveiled - the perfect companion for those who are planning on installing Microsoft's Windows Vista Beta 2 Release.

Order it today from

Look beyond the hype–new and noteworthy and what Vista really means for tomorrow’s desktop.


Covers the Beta 2 release of Windows® Vista


An unbiased, unvarnished sneak peek at everything that’s new, noteworthy, and ready for prime time in Windows Vista.


Microsoft Windows Vista Unveiled is an in-depth exploration of the public release Beta 2 version of Windows Vista, Microsoft’s next major operating system and the successor to Windows XP. Whether you’re just planning ahead for a future upgrade or running Beta 2 already, Microsoft Windows Vista Unveiled takes you on a detailed tour of all the new and improved technologies, features, tools, and programs that Microsoft programmers have stitched into the Vista fabric. You will learn not only what features are new in Vista, but also why they’re important (or not), who they were designed for, and how they will affect your computing life. The goal of this book is to give you an exhaustive sneak preview of Vista’s innovations and changes so that by the end of the book you should know whether Vista is for you and what you can expect when you sit down in front of this new operating system.


Here’s what you’ll find inside… 

  • In-depth coverage of all the new and improved Windows Vista tools and technologies 
  • A tour of the new Windows Vista interface, including Aero Glass 
  • What hardware you need to get the most out of Windows Vista 
  • Vista’s file system improvements, including tags, Quick Search, and virtual folders 
  • A review of Vista’s new performance and stability features 
  • A critical look at the beefed-up security features, including Windows Defender, the new Firewall, and User Account Control 
  • A complete look at Vista’s totally redesigned networking tools 
  • In-depth coverage of Vista’s new and improved tools for notebooks and Tablet PCs, digital media, and gaming

Paul McFedries is the president of Logophilia Limited, a technical writing company. He has been working with computers for more than 30 years, has been using Microsoft Windows since version 1, and is widely viewed as an expert in explaining Windows and Windows technology. Paul has written more than 40 books that have sold nearly three million copies worldwide, including Microsoft Windows Vista Unleashed, available January 2007.

Seize the Work Day: Using the Tablet PC to Take Total Control of Your Work and Meeting Day by Michael Linenberger (Author)

This book answers the question "Can the Tablet PC really benefit my work?" with a resounding "YES!" Using the recommendations in this book, you will use the Tablet PC to boost your work productivity, get your tasks organized, and get ahead of the work day. In this book I take you through my strategies and recommended application usage with major work management activities in mind. I take a very personal approach to helping you succeed with this new technology. Try out this book, it will change the way you work.


How To Do Everything with Your Tablet PC by Bill Mann (Author)

Explore the capabilities and benefits of your Tablet PC hardware and software with help from this easy-to-understand guide. Get a thorough run-through of your new device, as well as the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system that runs on it. Once you've become familiar with the hardware and software features, follow helpful chapters that reveal step-by-step how to configure your device, connect with the Internet, run on a network, and even go wireless. You'll put your Tablet PC to work using accessories, running multimedia applications, playing games, writing with Ink, and much more.


Building Tablet PC Applications by Rob Jarrett (Author), Philip Su

Many pen-based software platforms have been introduced in the last decade, but only recently has the introduction of faster processors and hardware enabled mainstream introduction of tablet-sized pen-based PCs. This book tackles the challenge of writing compelling Tablet PC software on two fronts. First, it distills decades of usability research into pen-based computing to present an authoritative discussion of the optimal design of pen-based user interfaces. Second, it provides an in-depth exposition of the Tablet PC Ink SDK, complete with tips and tricks on how developers can produce the most powerful and natural "ink-aware" applications.


Tablet PCs for Dummies by Nancy Stevenson

Take notes on the go, access ebooks, and more
Discover digital sticky notes, talk to your PC, and tap your way to success

Is that Tablet PC you just bought, or are planning to buy, a great tool or just a cool toy? This book tells all! Get the scoop on different types and models, discover Tablet PC’s unique built-in software, and find out all the terrific things Tablet PC can do – plus how to make it do them.


The new Tablet PC combines the latest incarnation of previous notebook computing technologies (i.e., digital ink and voice commands) with the power and reliability of Windows® XP, possibly making it the most versatile PC ever. Developing Tablet PC Applications teaches programmers how to create applications for this exciting new platform using the SDK developed for it. It begins by explaining how to install and use the SDK, and then delves into the creation of several specific applications, such as a drawing program, an MP3 player, and a signature recognition program. It also covers game-related topics.


Tablet PC Quick Reference by Jeff van West (Author)

In a meeting, in the hallway, or on the run--achieve ultimate mobility with the TABLET PC QUICK REFERENCE. This expert guide shows how to get up and running faster with the Tablet's digital pen, Input Panel, Windows® Journal, speech recognition, and more.


Since this site was done with Front Page, I highly recommend  

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 Savvy by Christan Crumlish, Kate J. Chase

FrontPage "X" Savvy gives you comprehensive coverage of Microsoft's newest web site creation and management program, in a visually appealing package at a reasonable price. Learn how to plan and create information-packed, commercial-quality web sites by following hands-on tutorials. Examine the full-color insert to observe the techniques used to create impressive websites. Prepare yourself to solve technical challenges by reading the extensive troubleshooting sections.

These are some of the other many books I've found very valuable during different phases of my computer experiences.  Hopefully, you may find some beneficial as well.

Mind Manager for Dummies by Hugh Cameron (Author), Roger Voight (Author)

Picture your best ideas mapped out for action!
Make meetings more productive, hook up with resources, and present results

Have no fear -- MindManager isn’t going to get inside your head and take control! But with this guide to help, it will take all those terrific ideas your team tosses out and turn them into plans you can really act upon. It’ll help you locate resources, build presentations, and look like a wizard to your boss.


Speaking of Mind Manager, this is the story of the founders of Mind Manager. This book is a wonderful read.  It's uplifting and will leave you feeliing as though you've made some new friends. Your purchase supports patients, families, medical teams and researchers in the fight against leukemia. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to non-profit organizations in the United States and Germany that fund and support leukemia research.

The Cancer Code By Mike and Bettina Jetter with Hobart Swan

How a journey through leukemia led to software that changed the way how people work. This is the story of Mike who stared death in the face, won and in that process created a revolutionary software product--MindManager. This is also the story of Bettina, who shared each and every moment of her husband's agony, frustration and depression and together built a software company--Mindjet. It shows how a supportive family and caring friends can make a difference in a person's fight for survival. Mike and Bettina transform their lives—as the battle against chronic myeloid leukemia takes them down a path they would have otherwise never dared travel.


PC Disaster and Recovery by Kate Chase

Odds are that at some point your PC will freeze-up, your hard disk will die or lightening will zap the power out just as you're polishing up the last chapter of your novel ... will you know what to do? Learn how to prevent disasters, get your system back to normal operation and recover lost data with PC Disaster and Recovery. With her easy-to-follow, casual style, author Kate Chase shows you how to limit your risk of damage and disruption, how to restart a problem PC, what to do when upgrades go wrong, how to troubleshoot system freezes and crashes, how to recover lost data, and how to resurrect a dead hard drive. You'll also learn how to detect and diagnose symptoms before a disaster occurs, and how to overcome hardware failures.


Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administrator's Companion by Charlie Russel, Sharon Crawford & Jason Gerend

This comprehensive administrator’s reference details operating system features and capabilities and provides easy-to-follow procedures, practical workarounds, and key troubleshooting tactics for on-the-job results with the Windows® Server 2003 family.


Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003: Administrator's Companion by Charlie Russel, Sharon Crawford & Jason Gerend

This administrator’s reference delivers the details you need to successfully deploy, manage, and support Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003. The authors, experts in Microsoft operating systems and server technologies, provide easy-to-follow procedures, practical workarounds, and key troubleshooting tactics for everyday, on-the-job results. Delve into system features and capabilities—and get hands-on insights for implementing messaging and collaboration, Internet access, data storage, printing, faxing, support for line-of-business applications, and end-to-end network administration for your small business. This book covers all Small Business Server 2003 components, including Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003,Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 technology, Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003, and Windows® SharePoint™ technologies, in a single volume—along with time-saving tools and scripts for performing security assessments and penetration testing, plus a complete eBook, on CD-ROM.


PC Hardware and A+ Handbook (Pro - Admin. PC) by Kate Chase

Cut straight to the must-know information, real-world techniques, and industry-savvy advice you need about upgrading, troubleshooting, and maintaining your PC—and even prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exam! This expertly organized, ultra-practical guide delivers essential details on PC components—from core hardware to operating systems—how they work together, and how to buy, install, troubleshoot, and repair them.

More book listings to help you with your computers coming soon!

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