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Aplux Tablet PC, all-in-one computing solution, contains not only the simplicity of paper and pen with the power of the notebook computer, but also the built-in PC camera and network-ready functions. This innovation device improves the efficiency of the mobile professional both in the office and on the road. Besides, Aplux provides TTM1C and TVM2C to fulfill the customer needs. TTM1C is an all-in-one solution and powered by Transmeta CPU with 8.4¡¨inch display panel and Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless Lan. TVM2C is powered by VIA Eden processor with 10.4¡¨inch display panel. Customers can choose the best solution from the various products based on their demand.

Aplux Tablet PC TTM2C, all-in-one computing solution, is specially designed for people on the go. For the users who require highly mobility and personalized devices, the functions of Aplux Tablet PC fulfill all your needs. Its outstanding features include:

  • Active digitizer touch screen
  • Digital ink
  • Input panel
  • Integrated wireless
  • Landscape or portrait viewing
  • Legacy free
  • Advanced power management
  • Eliminating paperwork
  • Integrated PC Camera (Optional)

With the position of "the evolution of the notebook PC", TVM2C not only contains the simplicity of paper and pen with the power of the notebook PC, but also lower power consumption and lighter weight. By utilizing the application of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, it can provide the users the best solution.

TTM1C is powered by Transmeta CPU with 8.4"inch display panel. It is also a fully functional network-ready PC in a slate tablet form factor featuring integrated Ethernet, Modem and Wi-Fi 802.11b, this innovative device improves the efficiency of the mobile professional both in the office and on the road.


In addition to the standard features included on both units, the TVM1C is powered by VIA Eden processor with 10.4"inch display panel. It is designed for corporate knowledge workers with the features of flexibility and mobility to work more efficiently and productively.

For a truly grab-and–go PC, APLUX Tablet PC is your best choice.

System Specification – TVM2C

Processor VIA C3 processor 1Ghz

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Memory On board 128 MB DDR

Hard Disk Drive 20GB, 2.5" type

Connectivity RJ45 for Ethernet LAN, CIR for Wireless keyboard

Graphics SMI 722

Video Resolution/ Built-in LCD display 10.4" TFT LCD @1024*768 resolution and digitizer included

Video Resolution/ External Display Mini-D-Sub (15 pin with adaptor for standard D-Sub connector) for CRT monitor and Digital Dual-panel switchable

Panel Electromagnetic Digitizer

Expansion Slots PCMCIA TypeII * 1

System Ports USB ports * 2; IEEE 1394 * 1

Audio System AC97 built-in microphone * 2; Speaker * 1; Earphone * 1

LED Power on/off (Green) / Charger (Orange low; Green full)

Battery Li-Ion battery pack

Dimensions (L*W*H) 275mm(L) * 218,,(W) * 24.6mm (H)

Operating Time 4 hours

Weight 2.5lbs

Warranty One year

Sales contact:


TEL: 886-2-28090797

FAX : 886-2-28095251


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